Ellmers aides TRY to spin her amnesty votes, calm local GOP leaders

capitol(Emphasis on the word TRY.)

Sources are telling me that tempers are a-flaring around the Second Congressional District in the wake of Rep. Renee Ellmers’s (R)  pro-amnesty votes on the House floor.     Republican Party leaders from across the district had got together this past week to talk shop — and the congresswoman was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. 39d3097

Sources in the room — and others familiar with the discussions — tell me representatives of the congresswoman were sent to interface with the local leaders and take the temperature.   Team Ellmers was lead by Patrick Sebastian, a communications consultant brought in to improve the congresswoman’s relations with folks in the district.  (For those of you keeping score at home, Sebastian is ALSO the nephew of Gov. Pat McCrory.) 

My sources tell me that most all of the county GOP organizations represented in the get-together used seriously heated and negative language to express their displeasure with Ellmers’s votes on amnesty for illegal aliens.  (Ellmers’s home county of Harnett remained conspicuously quiet and removed from this particular discussion.) 

How did Sebastian and Team Ellmers defend their boss’s votes on the House floor regarding amnesty? My sources tell me these were Team Ellmers’s TWO key points:

(1) A number of companies within the Second District would have been caught with their pants down if the anti-amnesty legislation passed.  These companies, they explained, would have experienced serious damage to their operations when forced to dismiss all of their undocumented workers.

(2) The federal government needed to pay more for the schools in her district to compensate for the influx of undocumented kids that were coming here.

So, our duly-elected Member of Congress has been running interference for businesses in her district that she KNOWS to be violating federal law ??? 

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  1. YES. She has been protecting the companies who hire illegal aliens.

    Ellmers has never uttered a single word in support of putting Americans first for jobs or acknowledged the harm that has been inflicted on them by illegal immigration…….. the wage suppression, young people who don’t have access to starter low-skilled jobs, or the lower-skilled Americans who desperately need the jobs filled by illegal aliens.

    Beyond protecting illegal business owners, it seems she has now changed her rationalization #1.

    Right after selling out Americans and the Constitution with her anti-defunding votes, she used this as her excuse:

    “There are businesses in the Second District who contract with Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and many of these jobs could be put in jeopardy with the passing of this legislation.”


    Say what???

    So, NC2 businesses are employing illegal aliens and USCIS is illegally contracting with them to funnel them this cheap labor…… because only illegals were affected by the defunding bill?

    Good grief, she has no idea what USCIS does, much less know anything about how our immigration system works or is supposed to work beyond what illegal business owners tell her.

  2. The Democreata would like to personally thank Remee for her support of illegal immigration. For this we are able to keep our yards manicured, our house spotless, and our family income at an all time peak. We support so many causes of our interest in the 2nd district so we feel entitled to our eloquent quality of life. And we get all of this for the low low price of YOU PAY MORE TAXES lmao

    Democrats of the 2nd District

  3. If those business have been breaking the law they SHOULD be caught with their pants down. This woman is a liar and admittedly corrupt. This will be her last term…count on it!

  4. Show your support for Congressman Ellmers, send your contribution today.

    Renee for Congress
    220 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27603

    Standing strong against Ammesty and Abortion.

  5. I will do everything within my power to expose this woman’s treason against N.C. citizens! She is in office only because her opponent in the person of Clay Aiken was an equally reprehensible choice and a Democrat! We need to get her out of that seat and if we can’t, we need to hold her feet to the fire! Accountability!

  6. Second District Republicans knew exactly what this fraud was all about and still voted for her. Republicans in the Second District have to be the dumbest Republicans in the state! Absolutely mind-boggling.

    1. If you are talking about party activists, you are wrong. Frank Roche handily beat Ellmers in the straw poll at the 2nd District GOP convention, and also in almost all of the straw polls among delegates and alternates at county GOP conventions in the district. Even though Roche had his flaws, party activists prefered him to Ellmers.

      The problem is with the broader group of voters who do not follow politics as much as party activists do. Roche did not have the money to get the message out on Ellmers real record, so voters were taken in by Ellmers lies. A primary opponent with the money to get that message out will beat Ellmers. The opponent, like Dave Brat, does not have to have equal money, just enough to get the message out so that it resonates with voters.

      1. The Chamber, Karl Rove, and the NCGOP will starve a primary candidate against Ellmers, as they did Roche, and it will be up to us to put our money where our mouth is! And the Primary Candidate against Blondie needs to start NOW GET NAME RECOGNITION AND FUNDS TO TAKE HER ON!

        1. I am sure that some in the NCGOP might try, but with the Club for Growth interested in this race, if they get behind a candidate that will bring big bucks from national conservatives. The Club vets its candidates very well before they get in a race, and I don’t believe Roche had what it took, but I think Jim Duncan does. Since the Senate Conservatives Fund now gets into House races, there should be an effort to get them involved as well. That again, brings in national conservative money. Smaller national conservative groups like the Madison Project and the Conservative Victory Fund should also be approached.

  7. (1) I agree – I dont have a lot of concern for the fortunes of owners and companies that knowingly and willingly are cheating by employing illegal aliens. In a just and sane world, they’d be prosecuted and suffer huge penalties for it, and if that includes going out of business, I’m OK with that too 🙂

    (2) While I appreciate their being all upset now at Ellmers… what exactly did they “expect” from her when they elected her? It’s not like it was a big secret that she’s like this, right?

    She’s out in the clear as amnesty-lovin’ crazypants, for awhile now…

  8. This ”communications consultant” does not seem to be very bright when he uses the Orwellian slang of the left ”undocumented immigrants” to describe illegal aliens in talking to conservatives. What a moron.

    These illegal aliens almost always have documents, which are either forged US documents or are genuine documents that say they belong somewhere other than in the US. The are not ”undocumented”. The correct term for them under US law is ”illegal aliens”. When someone starts spouting the leftwing Orwellian slang ”undocumented immigrants” to describe them, it tells you all you need to know about those using that slang.

    Is this ”communications consultant” going to call drug dealers ”unlicensed pharmacists”? Or rapists ”nonconsentual sex partners”? Or a bank robbery an ”unauthorized withdrawal”?
    What a blooming idiot.

  9. The GOP leadership knows these anti-amnesty votes will never pass the Chamber of Commerce controlled Senate. These votes were show votes that will let pro-amnesty politicians cut ads telling the voters they voted against amnesty while they actually work to do the opposite. Only the dumbest GOP lawmakers like Renee Ellmers voted against these measures.

    1. And there lies the insanity. She did not have to go as far out on the limb as she did in voting against the amendments and the DHS funding bill because her NO votes had no effect on the outcome.

      So then, why did she?

      There was no political benefit with the voters back home. I think she wanted to rub the noses of NC2 voters in it and send the clear message that she does what she wants, not what her constituents want.

    2. The power of the purse is the one thing that could stop Obama’s amnesty power grab in its tracks, and Boehner threw most of that away in CRomnibus. Let us remember that Big Government Barbie Ellmers voted FOR CRomnibus, both on the key procedural vote on the ”rule” and on the final vote. Ellmers has betrayed the grassroots on a whole series of votes related to amnesty. CRomnibus also threw away most of the GOP’s leverage to stop Obamacare. Ellmers is nothing but an Obama enabler.

  10. By the time the next election cycle rolls around this will all be forgotten. How many threats of credible primary threats were there to Elmers this time around. Everybody was going to take her out and yet she sits in Congress for another term.

    Elmers may wear a tin foil hat under her blond hair (which is most attractive I might add) but at least you cannot see the hat. Those wearing the tin foil hat in public will have a hard time taking Elmers down. A carbon fiber hat might work better because carbon fiber can be made to look like felt.

    It is all about perception and electability.

  11. Renee Ellmers deserves every ounce of criticism that she has received, but other NC reps like Walker and the Zuckerberg supported Pittenger have recently advocated for massive legalization of illegals. All I’m saying is don’t be fooled into thinking that every Republican who voted the proper way this time is actually against amnesty.

    1. Of that, you may be certain. Some are exceedingly good at masquerading as a conservative. George Holding, for example, is often cited as the second most conservative NC representative in Congress, but his voting record is carefully crafted to ensure that House leadership gets what they want while affording Holding the opportunity to project a conservative appearing record. Occasionally, he gets backed into a corner where he has to drop the masquerade to vote the way the leadership wants. The vote for Boehner and his vote for the CR-Omnibus are classic examples and the latter is a full repudiation of his central campaign promise to go to Washington and cut spending. The difference between Ellmers and the rest of the delegation (except possibly Walter Jones who is a different animal), is that she has fully dropped the masquerade.

    2. Walter Jones is the only A rated NC Congressman by the major anti-amnesty group Numbers USA. You have to watch all the others, and stay on them. As Ronald Reagan used to say, ”if you can’t make them see the light, at least you can make them feel the heat”.

      Pittenger and Walker are clearly traitors, along with Ellmers, and all three need to be defeated in the next election. The ideal is to take them down in the primary, but if that does not work, run an anti-amnesty conservative independent against them in the general election. Whatever it takes, get these traitors gone! We need to be able to display the scalps to keep the others in line.

      Amnesty is an existential issue for the country and for the GOP, and these idiots just don’t get it. If it is not stopped the party is going down the toilet and more importantly the country is going down the toilet. Those ”Republicans” who support Democrat policy on immigration are nothing but undocumented Democrats. The national and state GOP platforms are clear on this issue, and those ”Republican” elected officials who go against the platform on such a critical issue are engaging in party disloyalty and no longer deserve any loyalty from GOP activists or voters.

      Party leaders ought to remember how amnesty got that idiot Cantor gone in his primary. They also ought to take a look across the pond, where the anti-immigration National Front has been leading for some time in the French polls, and anti-immigration parties have been in the lead in Denmark and the Netherlands, while the anti-immigration Swedish Democrats have been surging in their polls as well. The polls show that in the UK, immigration is the number one issue leading to the rise of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) at the expense of the Conservative Party, as the latter has gone wobbly on immigration. In the only nationwide election held in the UK last year, that for the UK members of the EU parliament, UKIP came in first place nationally, and forced the Conservative Party into a humiliating third place, the first time that had ever happened to the Conservative Party in the centuries it has existed. And the immigration issue did it.

  12. Follow Ellmers’ slime trail to another once-conservative committee on which she now sits, oozing her noxious RINO crud and giving us the middle finger salute.

    Benedict Ellmers is prime example of why NC must have a recall process.

    “It Is Time for House Conservatives to Abandon the RSC . . . ”
    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | January 14th, 2015 at 12:40 PM |

    “The Republican Study Committee, the one time home of conservatives in the House, is now just another fraternity of the GOP with its members getting labeled ‘conservative’ by virtue of membership instead of votes. . .

    The check on leadership is gone. The generator of ideas from a conservative perspective has been neutered. ‘[T]he Republican Study Committee [has sunk] to an impotent posture.’ The time has come for a new conservative group.”


  13. Interesting that the two reasons Ellmers’ spin doctors gave for her “no” vote at the conference of GOP leaders differ completely from what her staff member told me when I called Mrs. Ellmers’ office immediately following the vote. Adam Wood, who is supposed to be her expert on immigration, explained that she voted against the bill because she feared several NC companies who are contracted with the government to provide fraud detection services would not be funded under the bill. This supposedly explained the two amendments that she has proposed after she voted against the original bill. So, which is it, Renee?

    1. I don’t know what this is supposed to mean, and the excuse keeps changing, but let’s assume for a second this was her reason for voting against the defunding amendments and DHS bill.

      This means that Ellmers is ONLY worried about protecting a couple companies from losing their big government contracts while Obama is burning the country and Constitution to the ground?

      Are you freaking kidding me?

  14. Does Renee ”Reconquista” Ellmers think we were born yesterday? That we would buy this crap about these piddling little excuses for her voting against the interests of the citizens of North Carolina and the United States?

    Ellmers has been in the hip pocket of the radical amnesty crowd for quite a while. In her last election, billionaire liberal activist, Obama contributor and bundler, and fanatic amnesty supporter Mark Zuckerberg had the rabid pro-amnesty PAC he controls dump a bundle into the GOP primary to support Ellmers. Zuckerberg would not have done that unless he knew that they owned Ellmers on this issue. Her votes in the House on this issue have proven that they do own her. She is bought and paid for.

    Ellmers took Zuckerberg’s thirty pieces of silver to betray the citizens of North Carolina to Mexican interests.

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