Drag Queens on, um, “BROAD” Street


The campaign to rub transsexualism and transgenderism into middle-class suburban Americans’ faces has finally reached Moore County. If you’re around downtown Southern Pines on December 3, you can treat the kids to a performance by “Downtown Divas” at the Sunrise Theater — an institution that, for years, has been the hub of arts and culture in town.  The theater has hosted livestreams of NYC’s Metropolitan Opera, various Broadway shows, local little theater performances, and musical performances from famous and not-so-famous performers.  They show a lot of classic movies as well as artsy flicks that the larger theaters (those still around) take a pass on.  The folks at the popular local non-profit are really going avant-garde with this one.

This *special* holiday production falls on the same day as the Southern Pines Christmas Parade — a longtime, family-friendly downtown institution.  After the kids get to see Santa Claus, you can drop by the Sunrise and explain to them why THAT “lady” has a beard and mustache.

The poster for the event offers a discount for students and says kids 16 and under must have adult supervision.

The radical gay activists have been targeting smaller towns all over America.  They hit Sanford recently.  The goal, I’m sure, is to get plenty of photos and footage of “Bible-Thumpers” screaming and throwing things at the attendees and “performers”. To make the organizers and the attendees look like the second coming of MLK and the Birmingham marchers of the 1960s.  Do NOT give them what they want.