Meet The New Bosses. Same as The Old Bosses. (*Sigh*)


We didn’t listen to The Who last Tuesday.  We got fooled AGAIN. Despite all of the talk and promises from DC about drastic change, things are really shaping up to be the same ol’ crap we’ve been spoon-fed again and again and again since 1994.

In the Senate, there were only TEN brave souls in the Republican Caucus who dared to vote against Mitch McConnell. How many times can he screw conservatives in elections, cave to the Democrats, and water down or kill conservative legislation before we say ENOUGH?

Mitch will be back in the saddle as the feckless leader of the spineless GOP Senate Caucus. His lieutenants from last session all got reelected, too. I’m sure it all brought a tear to Thom’s eye.

Over in the House, there was a wee bit more bravery.  Kevin McCarthy got the reelected as GOP leader.  His team got reelected too. But McCarthy fell 31 votes shy of an out-and-out majority of 218 — what it takes to be elected speaker. That tells you loud and clear how many gutsy conservatives are in the House.  None of them — except maybe Dan Bishop — are from North Carolina.

“Our congressman” Richard Hudson has been put in charge of the House Republican campaign committee.  Despite what he and his pals will tell you, that post only benefits HIM. It’s a known gateway to bigger and better posts in party leadership.  It puts you in contact with all kinds of big donors across the country and around the world who can help YOU with your campaign as well as those of your friends in the party.

Hudson moved here to Moore County a little while back. I haven’t seen him.  This is a really small place. I saw more of the late Howard Cable, and he lived in GREENSBORO. The districts are supposed to be reset before 2024.  If Moore County gets cut out of Hudson’s current district, he’ll move again. It’s all about keeping a seat on the gravy train, and not a damn bit about us.

There’s a crowd trying to get Lee Zeldin from NY to challenge Ronna Romney for the RNC chairmanship.  All Romneys need to be weeded out of any position of influence within the GOP.  But it’s not looking good.  The RNC appears ready to bring her back for more. Even our two delegates are very very quiet about the whole thing.

The late, great Rush Limbaugh used to ridicule liberals for rewarding failure.  It looks like the GOP is into the same thing.  How could you NOT win big with the radical nut cases running the show in DC?  An economy that is cratering like nothing we’ve seen in 40 years? Could it be that the base has caught onto the national GOP’s scam?  That the GOP likes spending and cronyism and corruption just as much as “the other side of the aisle” does?

These people claiming to be our knights in shining honor are just another gang of flim-flammers.  They don’t give a damn about principles or ideology.  It’s about job security. It’s about keeping the gravy train rolling.  It’s about keeping your pockets filled with cash.  It’s about enriching your family and friends AT OUR EXPENSE.

Wait until we get word from Raleigh about leadership changes, if any.  It won’t be much better. Why do we keep rewarding people who keep lying to us?