Different driveby boss, same driveby bias




While at The N&O, AndyPaul Specht dazzled  us with reporting that made Darren Jackson and Wayne Goodwin jump up and down and clap like jayvee cheerleaders.  Now, he’s graduated to the big leagues — that’s right, WRAL-TV.  The nerve center of the Goodmon family’s evil empire.  They STILL let Laura Leslie cover politics even after we revealed all of her hateful social  media postings (like church people being responsible for the Orlando gay nightclub massacre).  So,  the sky’s apparently the limit for young liberal skulls of mush looking to make something of themselves in Raleigh’s dwindling media market.


Here’s AndyPaul on Twitter the other day:



So,  AndyPaul is really, really, really interested in who is bankrolling these pro-free market demonstrations.  That’s funny.  Because neither AndyPaul, nor his current nor former employer, EVER showed a bit of interest in WHO pays The Round Rev’s bills or who exactly organizes those so-called Moral Monday marches.  Viewers or readers were quite often  left with the impression that the large jheri-curled black man was just a concerned member of the clergy.  Or that all of those aging Durham and Chapel Hill hippies just coincidentally showed up in the vicinity of the legislative building every Monday.



Maybe we’ll eventually get some honest reporting on what exactly the ReOpen folks want.  (But I won’t hold my breath.)