Did Tricia spill Biden’s beans?

We’ve all gotten to know Tricia Cotham, the — um — *special* young lady filling the seat vacated by convicted felon Jim Black, through her, um, *wisdom* she has been sharing on Twitter.   Well, it looks like she might have inadvertently leaked info about a big national political news story:



Pat Cotham is Tricia’s political heavyweight mama.  She is a force in the Democrat Party in the Charlotte area as well as statewide.  (She’s also a Mecklenburg County commissioner. AND the main reason lil’ Tricia is sitting in the NC House today.) 

If you’re looking to run statewide in North Carolina as a Democrat, it’s smart to try and woo Mama Cotham.  She supported Hillary’s 2008 run.     She’s also likely someone that Hillary would be counting on for THIS White House run.  It would be a big win for Joe Biden to be able to have Mama Cotham in his corner — you know, IF he was running for president. 

There’s been all kinds of speculation nationally about whether Vice-President Kinnock  Biden will jump into the Democrat race for 2016. Surely, he’s not calling Mama Cotham to complain about his property taxes.