Dems control two-thirds of process, but SOMEHOW fiscal cliff is ALL GOP’s fault






We all woke up this morning to media spin like this:

”Speaker Boehner, facing a rebellion in his party, abandoned his plan to avert tax increases for most Americans, throwing budget negotiations into disarray.”

The article was about the failure of Boehner’s ‘Plan B’ proposal to win enough support to pass the Congress.  The plan — identical to something Nancy Pelosi proposed in May — would keep the tax rates the same for anyone making up to $1 million a year.  President Barry and Senate Majority Leader “Dingy Harry” Reid are insisting on no spending cuts and hiking the current tax rates.  Reid has said he’s not allowing a vote in the Senate on ANYTHING that does not raise taxes as much as he wants them raised.

Yet, it’s Boehner who is THE PROBLEM.  It’s those gosh-darned conservatives in the GOP who are sticking with that * antiquated, anachronistic * low-tax philosophy.   If there was an ounce of integrity or intellectual curiosity in the mainstream media, we’d be hearing questions about why President Barry and “Dingy Harry” are not leading the effort to get our economic house in order.  After all, we got hit with poll after poll during the recent presidential race that said the American people had more confidence in Barry-O to fix the economy.  The media should be demanding from Barry some of that leadership on the economy that so many voters apparently saw.

We are at this point because of a bipartisan failure of leadership in 2011.  Instead of getting our fiscal house in order then, the DC leadership simply raised the debt ceiling and punted the issue down the road for a year.  And HERE WE ARE.

El Rushbo has a theory about how all of this is going to play out.  (As usual, I think he’s right.) Barry and his friends on The Hill WANT us to go over the fiscal cliff.  After the first two pay periods, when the low-information voters who supported Barry in 2012 notice that their pay checks are significantly smaller, there will be a major public outcry for tax relief.   Barry will then step up to the plate — ride to the rescue — offering to return certain tax rates BACK to the pre-cliff levels.  President Barry will have then successfully stolen the tax-cut issue from the GOP.