DC GOP establishment steps up again for Hudson in NC-08


‘Another conservative group throws cash at N.C. congressional runoff’  is the headline on the item in Under The Dome.  They’re talking about DC establishment golden boy and GOP congressional candidate Richard Hudson getting some advertising help from an independent DC group.  

The N&O says “The American Action Network” is a conservative group stepping in to aid Hudson in his runoff battle with Tea Party favorite and fellow Republican Scott Keadle.  These guys at AAN may be to the right of The N&O, but they hardly fit the conventional definition of conservative.

AAN is headed by people like Norm Coleman, the squishy moderate former U.S. Senator from Minnesota who lost his first reelection bid to — UGH Al Franken.  The rest of the crew is basically an all-star cast of  country clubber politicos from Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.’s administrations.

Hudson is a creature of Capitol Hill.  He’s spent a lot of time there in recent years. His friends in DC are rooting for him to join them as an elected Member of Congress.   They recognize he will be a team player — like Renee Ellmers — who will not be carrying water for those icky Tea Partiers.

Scott Keadle is being endorsed by Tea Party, grassroots leaders like RedState.com and The Club For Growth.  If you live in the 8th district, and want a congressman owned and operated by Eric Cantor and John Boehner, Hudson is your man.

(Trust me, my congressperson is owned by Cantor and Boehner.  It’s not fun.)





2 thoughts on “DC GOP establishment steps up again for Hudson in NC-08

  1. Well, it looks like the same band of RINO’s who played while the RINO Titanic Richard Lugar sank in the Indiana Senate primary. They are now all having a reunion in RINO Richard Hudson’s campaign. Coleman’s group actively ran ads for Lugar. So did Eric Cantor’s, which even sent out mailings to liberal Democrats asking them to vote in the Republican primary to ass Lugar’s worthless RINO hide. The Huckster (Huckabee) didn’t put his money where his mouth was, but he vocally sung the RINO praises of Lugar. Now the Lugar cheering section of RINO’s is doing the same thing for Hudson. That speaks volums that Hudson is just as big a phony as Renee Ellmers was last time. Scott Keadle is the real deal.

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