Dan Bishop ready to oust McCarthy if he tries to pass negotiated debt ceiling deal

Congressman Dan Bishop and his Freedom Caucus colleagues held the House GOP caucus’ feet to the fire in the speaker election earlier this year.  They managed to win some key concessions.

Now, with word that Patrick McHenry and speaker Kevin McCarthy are championing a decidedly non-conservative debt ceiling bill, Bishop is stepping out to hold some more feet to the fire:

Conservative angst over the debt deal has triggered Kevin McCarthy’s biggest fear — threats to oust him from the speakership.

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) on Tuesday became the first House conservative to explicitly state he is considering a push to oust McCarthy over his recent deal with President Joe Biden.

“Absolutely,” Bishop told POLITICO in an interview, when asked about using the tool to force out a sitting speaker. “It is inescapable to me. It has to be done.”

The procedure Bishop is considering would essentially trigger a vote of no confidence against McCarthy — a tool that’s been weaponized by the conservative House Freedom Caucus against the past two speakers in attempts to keep party leaders from leaning too much towards the center.

It would only take one House member to decide to trigger the vote, which would then require a simple majority to oust the speaker.

It’s not clear yet if Bishop will go ahead with his threat: He noted he wants support from other colleagues before he takes such a move.

“I don’t make single decisions like that alone. And so it depends on what the members who have courage” also do, he said.[…]

If you don’t believe ME, watch and listen to Bishop himself.