Dacey, D.C. coming after Walter Jones?

They tried with Taylor Griffin.  Now the GOPe appears to be saddling up a new horse to try and take out congressman Walter Jones:


Scott Dacey is a career lobbyist who — like Griffin — has close political ties to GOPe figures like John Boehner.  Though, his post on the Craven County Board of Commissioners gives him more of a local tie than Griffin ever had.

I confess that Jones’s maverick streak sometimes frustrates me.  But, upon examination of our congressional delegation’s conservative ratings, there are a hell of a lot of others more worthy of a primary opponent than Jones.

Sources from Dacey’s neck-of-the-woods tell me a primary challenge to Jones IS the big announcement Dacey is promoting here.  We shall see.  (Let the games begin?) 

11 thoughts on “Dacey, D.C. coming after Walter Jones?

  1. Oh boy, that should be interesting. Dacey makes no bones about his disdain for Jones and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

    Dacey can talk the conservative rhetoric but has never seen a Federal dollar he didn’t covet. And he’s all about growing the size of government in Craven county.

    Speciale should have been the one to fill Walter’s shoes, but seems to prefer the softer road in Raleigh.

    Guess being a lobbyist in DC isn’t enough for some people. They want to get inside the pocket they pick.

  2. Jones has become a career politician who lied about term limits to get elected and never, ever mentioned it again……22 years in congress and nothing major accomplished……

    1. Jones is always for the taxpayers, not a kept boy of the “leadership” – Boehner, Ryan, et al.; That is a heck of a lot more important than term limits. Jones had the guts to vote against Boehner and Ryan, both in the GOP caucus and by voting for a different Republican in the final vote. That is the type of courage we need in DC.

      Dacey? He is a stinking lobbyist who would be a pathetic lap puppy for the leadership, somethingd we absolutely do not need.

  3. Well when all that has been “accomplished” by “effective” Republicans over those 22 years has been militarism, domestic spy machine, massive entitlement growth, and enough spending limit increases to gag a maggot…..exactly what can one expect when you buck those leaders? He’s opposed them, Thank God. We pay a price, I’m sure. If that is the cost of principles with these DC psychopaths, I shall stand with Walter until THEY BREAK. Not Constitutional Liberty.

    Blaming Walter for this mess is the equivalent to placing a Nun in a whorehouse and then bitching for her lack of production. I don’t get that.

    1. Obviiously, you do not read the Conservative Review ratings.; Plus a career lobbyist is absolutely the very worst thing you could send to Congress.

  4. Walter has fumbled a bit lately but as ridged as he stood against B Hussein O during his official 8 yrs I at this time, cannot turn my back to him. Especially to favor a declared DC lobbist. Personally I had rather have to pump septic tanks with a turkey baster than admit I was a DC lobbist. That’s just me though.
    Browny Douglas

  5. Scott Dacey is not the story here.
    He’s a D.C. Lobbyist for Indian casinos who gives his personal money to establishment RINO republicans.
    Jones isn’t perfect but that’s not even a tough decision. The question is where is Phil Law? Retired Marine who served our nation in battle and a social & fiscal conservative.
    Why is he not running ?

    1. Maybe he will when Jones calls it quits. I’d bide my time if I were him because right now, anyone challenging Jones is going to fall under the suspicion of being a DC stooge.

  6. Maybe we can help him lose by 80 points, since both the jokers last time combined lost by 73 points…

    No one beats the Gentleman from Farmville…

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