Cookies, Cake & Child Abuse (YUM)





Well, we had about six or so feminazis standing outside the governor’s mansion on Monday waving signs and hollering.  Gov. Pat’s team thought it would be funny to take them some cookies. If they would have left it alone, that pack of screech owls out on the sidewalk would have been an after-thought in a Google search. But no — Pat steps out with his cookies, and we get a whole work week worth of coverage.  

The most appalling angle to this story is a 12 year-old protest participant.  Most people would be appalled at a parent who would camp out all day and night on the sidewalk holding signs with their kid.  (Where is social services when you need them?)  But NO,. the stupid mainstream media finds the whole thing charming:

Twelve-year-old Madison Kimrey got hooked on protesting about a month and a half ago, when she visited Florida during a demonstration outside a children’s museum.

Madison, a Burlington resident, continued that activism this summer with Planned Parenthood and Occupy Raleigh back in her home state. And for her trouble, what has she gotten? A piece of cake.

Tuesday evening, several hours after Gov. Pat McCrory gave cookies to women protesting the state’s new abortion law, Madison and her mother, Mary Kimrey, came to the Governor’s Mansion to protest with several Occupy Raleigh members. Around 10:30 p.m., a staff member came out of the mansion to shut the doors.

“We were like, ‘Hey, those cookies were really good, could we have some brownies,’ joking and everything” at the staff member, Madison said. (The afternoon protesters had returned the cookies uneaten.)

She said the person laughed, went back inside and then came out with three slices of cake in to-go containers.

“I was like, ‘Thank you very much, but it would be nice if we could have some rights with that,’ ” Madison said. “I was like, ‘Why? You do realize this is just giving us more ammo against Pat.’ I would rather sit down with Pat while we’re eating cookies.”

The poor child.   She’s obviously been failed by her school teachers.  Pat McCrory doesn’t give out rights.  THOSE are in a little ol’ piece of paper called The Constitution.

This kid is going to need SO much therapy when she grows up.  (I wonder if ObamaCare will cover it?)  MORE: 

The cookies McCrory gave Planned Parenthood supporters earlier on Tuesday had already started a swarm of online comparisons between the governor and Marie Antoinette, she said. The cake didn’t help.

The governor was not involved at all in handing the cake out, and it was not connected to the cookies, McCrory’s communications director, Kim Genardo, said Wednesday afternoon.

ARRRRRRGH,  Seriously?  THIS is news ????  MORE: 

Abortion-rights activists who got the cookies Tuesday from McCrory while protesting his signing of Senate Bill 353 are still baffled by his gesture, said Paige Johnson, Planned Parenthood of Central N.C.’s vice president of public affairs.

Yeah. I bet it was baffling.   I’m sure those screech owls don’t get too many gifts from men.  MORE:

“To receive no word from him, and then to just give the plate of cookies, I think it’s just an audacity that no one expected,” she said. There was a “digital title wave” of comments on social media condemning the governor’s gift after the organization posted pictures on Facebook, she said.

“It really took us a while to understand the magnitude of what had happened.”

But Johnson said she isn’t sure how Planned Parenthood will respond to the cookie incident – in previous protests they’ve commented on GOP actions by riding around on motorcycles and dressing in outfits styled after the 1960s-set TV show “Mad Men.”

“We’ll do something,” she said.

Oh, goody.  I am SURE WRAL will have a camera crew on stand-by. 

4 thoughts on “Cookies, Cake & Child Abuse (YUM)

  1. Nutjobs like these feminist twits should, indeed, best be ignored. Just like Rev. Two Ton and his Moron Mondays. The problem is that we have a dishonest partisan press between WRAL and the McClatchey mob. They will make news of things that are totally unnewsworthy. The cookie caper may have helped real world viewers see the silliness in what the nutjob feminists were doing. Heck, the legislation they are flabbling about actually makes abortion safer for women and does not reduce the time period that abortion is available. The only ones who will be hurt are the owners of abortion mills who have made a practice of cutting safety in order to enhance their profits. Now they will have to spend a bit more on safety and that will cur into their profits. And Planned Parenthood? They were started by a racist who wanted to use abortion to reduce the Black race, and in modern times, they just got nailed in Texas for Medicaid fraud. Who are they to complain about anyone else?

  2. Brant Clifton’s post is a pretty remarkable display of misogyny (go ahead, I’ll wait while you look that up). Thanks for verifying in writing what we already knew about your position. But, know there will be a reckoning down the road for such behavior and attitude toward the opposite sex. Enjoy your time while you can.

    1. Damon, the sex of these people have nothing to do with the facts or their ideals. I am a woman and I disagree with their misguided attempts to influence their pro abortion stance.

      Instead of cookies, I would show them pictures of the babies routinely killed by Planned Parenthood who apparently have no rights in this country. The idea of the right to life does not come from government but from our Creator.

      Women (except with the cases of rape or incest) make a choice to engage in sex and when they “suffer” the consequences of that choice, they selfishly decide to kill the innocent who had no choice in the matter.

      This isn’t about rights or cookies, but about self centered people who want their cake (sex) but fail to protect themselves from the frequent result of sex: a baby.

      In your words, “there will be a reckoning down the road for such behavior”. Imagine explaining these actions to God.

    2. Not sure what is stuck in your craw, Damon, but exactly what was misogynistic about the post? Maybe you missed the part of the new abortion law that protects women from being treated like cattle by the abortion mills which pose as medical clinics.

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