Conservative Review: Budd overtakes Meadows as most conservative NCGOPer in DC

The new guy in town sure is getting some attention in conservative circles.  Conservative Review has finally decided to update its conservative rankings of Members of Congress.   Their analysis — as of April 18 — has congressman Ted Budd rockin’ a perfect score of 100 percent.  (Budd is one of just 17 House members CR awarded a perfect score to.)

Mark Meadows, the previous king of the hill, comes in second at 93 percent.  Budd and Meadows are the only As handed out this time to North Carolinians by CR.  

In the B category, we have Mark Walker with an 81 rating, and George Holding with an 80.   Walter Jones gets a gentleman’s C at 76.

Richard Hudson is barely passing with a 64 (D).  David Rouzer is also in D country with a grade of 63, as is Virginia Foxx at 60.

Our two failures (Fs) in the House are  Patrick McHenry (53%) and Robert Pittenger (46%).  Pittenger officially replaces Renee Ellmers as the most liberal Republican House member from North Carolina.  (I HEAR he has a pretty BIG NAME primary challenger lurking out there.  More later.) 

Now, after taking my Pepto-Bismol, I’ll move over to the Senate.  Richard Burr has scored a grade of 40% (F), and Thom Tillis is still mired at 37% (F).

Senators John Kennedy (R-LA) and Mike Lee (R-UT) are the only two senators to receive a perfect score of 100 percent.  (Those were two of just six senators to receive A ratings, though.)   Only 19 senators got passing grades.  Burr and Tillis rank, respectively, 37th and 38th out of the 52 member GOP caucus in terms of conservatism.

Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) actually rank more liberal than many Senate Democrats.


5 thoughts on “Conservative Review: Budd overtakes Meadows as most conservative NCGOPer in DC

  1. Obama Republicans Tillis and Burr are embarrassments to the Republican Party in North Carolina. I guess that is why that pair of liberals will be endorsing Robin Hayes for chairman, who also was a disappointment as a Congressman..

    1. If anyone needs a letter from the NCGOP banning them from the state convention for being disloyal then Tillis and Burr should be on the top of that list

  2. Remember that the first step to make Thom Tillis our next governor comes this weekend in Wilmington. We must elect the Tillis-friendly progressive team of Robin Hayes. We must block that stingy old conservative Dan Forest and the Hayes team has already shown it will do that, such as with HB2,

    Don’t talk to me about your silly Republican base or the grassroots. It is the special interests we need to get close to in order to get their money. Thom and Robin both support that approach. Who cares about silly old issues. It is getting someone in with an R by their name that is the only thing that matters. Whether they vote like a Democrat does not.

    My background is with Tillis and I will continue to serve his interests as long as I am in my current position in the party. But you need to reelect the Hayes in order to keep me.

  3. Per above, the rating analysis was “as of April 18”.

    On April 28th Ted Budd funded abortion.

    I submit that makes him least “conservative”.

    Richard Carter Jr

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