FORCED to run as a DEMOCRAT ???? (Boo-freakin’-Hoo.)

If you thought the driveby media coverage of HB2 ran from the sublime to the ridiculous, get a load of what this same crowd is doing on the next “outrage” on the list. 

Break out your tissues and brace yourself for THIS driveby sob story:

The 2018 elections might seem like they’re on the distant horizon, but one lawyer has decided to announce her plans now to seek a seat on the state Court of Appeals.

Earlier this week, Judge Rick Elmore, a Republican on the 15-member court, announced that he would not seek a third eight-year term, according to The Associated Press. Elmore announced his plans early to give others a chance to mull a candidacy in what once again has become a race subject to partisan elections.

Elmore, 66, would not have been allowed to serve a full eight-year term had he sought election and won in 2018. North Carolina law makes 72 the mandatory retirement age for judges.

Allegra Collins, a 45-year-old Raleigh-based attorney who teaches at Campbell University law school and often represents clients at the state appeals court and N.C. Supreme Court, announced on Friday her plans to seek Elmore’s seat in the 2018 elections.

Collins, a Democrat who started her law career as a clerk to former appeals court judge Linda Stephens, said she would “endeavor to continue” the “fair and impartial work” of Elmore if she were successful at the polls.

Though North Carolina’s appeals court judges have run in the past in nonpartisan races, the General Assembly recently changed the law to make all judicial races — from the district court level to the state Supreme Court level — partisan.

Each party will hold primaries to select which names will be on the general election ballots.

Collins, a mother of two who is married to Wake County Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins, said she has been troubled by other government branches describing the judiciary as too partisan. Earlier this year, the General Assembly reduced the size of the appeals court to 12 seats, a Republican-backed measure that limits Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s power to appoint replacements to the bench. The appeals court hears cases in panels of three. The seats were to be eliminated as judges retired.

Cooper vetoed the law, but the Republican-controlled General Assembly overrode the veto. The law is now being challenged in court.

“I don’t think the judicial branch has become more politicized from inside the branch,” Allegra Collins said. “The judges have done a good job of trying to keep their heads down and stay true to the law.”


“Because of the law I have to run as a Democrat,” Collins said. “But my judicial philosophy is not to be partisan but to be fair and impartial.”

HAVE to run as a Democrat?   First of all, sweetheart, you don’t HAVE to run for anything.  Second, YOU and YOUR HUSBAND are both registered to vote as Democrats.  So, running as a Democrat would be a little something called TELLING THE TRUTH
As a side note — longtime readers of this blog may remember the role her hubby played late in the 2014 Republican US Senate primary.  Judge Collins decided to preside over hearings for a lawsuit where the defendant was Dr. Greg Brannon, then a leading candidate in the GOP field seeking to take on Democrat US Senator Kay Hagan.  Collins made several controversial decisions during the case that led to at least one complaint being filed against him.  The complaint alleged that he had a conflict, and should have recused himself, because he was a 2008 donor to Kay Hagan’s campaign.
*Gotta looooooooove that Collins family commitment to non-partisanship.*

14 thoughts on “FORCED to run as a DEMOCRAT ???? (Boo-freakin’-Hoo.)

  1. Too bad for Ms. Collins that she and her husband are so well known. Otherwise she could do what Joseph Hank DeBragga did when he ran for auditor in 2012. He claimed his residence was his boat in Pamlico County so he could re-register with a new address to hide his true party allegiance and his connections to Roy Cooper, Larry Leake and Gary Bartlett.

    Then she could run as a Republican with the help of the Green(back) party . . .and the friends of the Green(back) party who pretend to be Republicans or Libertarians or Conservatives could help her fool those who actually believe in Republican principles.

    1. DeBragga was put into the race to take away votes from Greg Dority in the East and to help generate a runoff.

      Perhaps Ms. Shubert had you not entered the race on the last filing day we would have had a superior nominee that year in Dority and not the disaster that was Goldman.

      1. Shubert would have made the best State Auditor, but perhaps Dority had better campaign skills.

        The key though was that Goldman was a disaster just waiting to happen, and it did blow up just before the general election. It makes you wonder why Robin Hayes and Wayne King were so dead set on Goldman being the nominee, even to the point of calling Dority to Raleigh to heavily pressure him not to call a runoff with Goldman.

        1. Or perhaps Shubert had senior party officials and consultants like Dee Stewart working against her behind the scenes?

          Robin personally assured me he had no idea who tried to get me to drop out of the race. Are you saying Robin was actually working with Wayne to discourage qualified candidates and promote people like Goldman? Amazing.

          Given Goldman’s history, and the damage she caused loyal Republicans as a member of the Wake County School Board, the idea someone as connected as Robin would improperly rig the primary to help her is hard to accept. But it would explain why he never exposed Wayne’s malfeasance when I sent the letter accusing Wayne of party disloyalty.

          What you said raises all sorts of other questions . . .like how Cooper managed to avoid a challenge in 2012.

        2. Those are valid questions that still need to be answered. I am not sure how involved Hayes was in the matter but do know King was very involved in intimidating and strong arming for Goldman. Her being on the ticket that year could have really hurt McCrory and it was no secret of her problems.

          Interesting thing though it seems King bailed out in the NCGOP not far after that year and moved onto other things.

          1. Paul, King didn’t bail out – he was pushed. When I heard Robin was planning to retire to let King advance to Chairman, I wrote Robin and Scott Laster and filed a charge of party disloyalty against King. The letter is posted at Shubert for Auditor.

            It was and is my opinion that anyone who helped the Democrats in 2012 like King did should not be anywhere near the levers of power in the Republican party. He should have been exposed then if Robin had done his job.

            But if Robin was working with him, as GU Wonder indicates, that would explain a lot. I’d love to hear more from GU Wonder or anyone else who has more facts about who was working with King and the extent of their efforts to discourage good candidates and/or promote questionable candidates.

      2. Paul, you say “DeBragga was put into the race to take votes from Greg Dority in the East and to help generate a runoff.” Since you know so much, who put DeBragga in the race? The Democrats, Republicans who work for the Green(back) Party, Martians?

        And why would DeBragga take votes in the East from Dority? While DeBragga claimed to live in Pamlico County, the address he used was actually a boat (that I’m told he seldom even visited). In my opinion the address change was made to hide the fact he was a long time registered Democrat with closer ties to Roy Cooper, Larry Leake and Gary Bartlett than most Republicans. He even worked as an auditor for the State Board of Elections for years, until just before he claimed to move East, years when the SBOE was not Republican friendly.

        Last but not least, why would he be put in the race to generate a runoff? When I filed, the day before filing closed, your only choices were DeBragga, Dority and Goldman. Obviously Dority didn’t recruit him to take votes from Dority. Are you claiming Goldman recruited a CPA to run against her? Seriously? Did she want a runoff with Dority or DeBragga? I’m having trouble with the logic here, Paul. And if Dority wanted a race with just Goldman, he had the opportunity and chose not to take it.

        So who do you work for Paul? The Democrats or the Green(back) Party? My take on that race was that the Green(back) Party helped a long time Democrat repackage himself to claim he was the only CPA in the race in the Republican primary because he couldn’t win in the Democrat primary given his limited audit experience. Why did Cooper get to run unopposed? Maybe they were afraid after all of the corruption under Easley and Perdue that Cooper couldn’t win re-election as a Cooper Democrat so the Green(back) Republicans discouraged challengers.

        For more info take a look at Shubert for Auditor.

        1. Fern, you hit on a good point as to why the NCGOP under Robin Hayes and Wayne King let Roy Cooper run unopposed in 2012, the only time Republicans have failed to file an Attorney General candidate in at least six decades. Was it gross incompetence or collusion? The SBI scandal made him vulnerable. Why in the world give him a free pass?

          1. Between that and the loss of two branches of our state government, it’s incredible that we have so many dolts who think he should be retained.

  2. So she will be FORCED to show her true colors? The voters will KNOW what she stands for? It will be HARD for her to skate in using stealth so it will be too late when the rubes find out what they have done? Well bless her heart!

    1. Which, of course, is why the Democrat-controlled General Assembly of several decades ago made the Judicial races “non-partisan”.

    1. And is thus less likely to be elected….which is why they do not want you to know they are demorats.

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