Conservative Review: All NCGOPers in DC get Fs (except for Meadows, Jones, Holding, and Walker)

*Saying one thing, and doing another when you think no one is looking.*  That’s what we have going on here. 

According to CR’s highly-acclaimed vote score card, only FOUR members of our state’s delegation to Congress can truthfully call themselves “conservative.”

Mark Meadows leads the pack with a 94% (grade A) conservative voting record.  Walter Jones comes in second with a 76% (grade C) voting record.  Greensboro’s Mark Walker is a close third with a 75% (grade C) voting record.   George Holding comes in fourth with a 74% (grade C) conservative voting record.

Everybody else?  They FAIL.  

Richard Hudson comes in right behind Holding with a 59% (grade F) conservative voting record.  Virginia Foxx follows Hudson with a 58% (grade F) voting record.  David Rouzer follows Foxx with a 56% (grade F) conservative voting record.  Patrick McHenry, a member of House leadership, follows Rouzer with a 53% (grade F) conservative voting record.  Robert Pittenger is the caboose for the House delegation  — pulling in a 43% (grade F) conservative voting record.

Now, let’s look at our senators.  Richard Burr earns a 39% (grade F) conservative rating.   Thom Tillis — officially the most liberal Republican we send to DC — earns a 35% (grade F) conservative rating.

Let’s compare our state to South Carolina.  Five of their six Republican House members earn passing grades from Conservative Review:

  • Jeff Duncan — 96% A
  •  Mick Mulvaney — 94% A
  • Mark Sanford — 90% A
  • Trey Gowdy — 85% B
  • Joe Wilson — 65% D

Tom Rice — 58% and F — is the only South Carolina Republican with a failing grade.  Let’s look at their senators:

  • Tim Scott  — 89% B
  • Lindsey Graham — 30% F

Hey, with a little more work, our guys in the Senate will be AS BAD as Lindsey Graham.