Condemn “hatred”? The Pilot’s owners NEED TO GO FIRST!

Again, regular readers know we are not exactly cheerleaders for the Village of Pinehurst governing body.  They’ve got a lot of issues that need working out.  But one area where I stand WITH them is in opposing this ridiculous “hate resolution” being pushed by Comrades Nagy & Woronoff and Brownson Church’s Coalition for Peace, Love, and Justice. 

We’ve already given you our reason for opposing this nonsense.  It is Obamaite demaoguery — built on an everchanging definition of “hate” — meant to bring local governments in bright-red Moore County to heel.

Since the sponsoring “coalition” is underwritten by a church whose membership includes Pinehurst mayor John Strickland and Pilot publisher David Woronoff, those two are ramping up the pressure on the village’s ruling council. We’ve got yet another unsigned editorial from the firm of Woronoff & Nagy  proclaiming their marxist moral superiority and demanding the Village Council bow their heads, tuck their tails, and relent.

I still say: ‘Hell, no. Don’t do it.”

Initially the “reason” for this resolution was that some unknown idiots hung a bedsheet with stupid stuff written on it over the edge of a bridge crossing US 1 between Vass and Cameron.  How that has ANYTHING to do with Pinehurst, I don’t know.

Nagy and Woronoff suggest that the least we could do is speak out against nasty “hate” like what was reportedly on the bedsheet hanging over the bridge.  Even though we had NOTHING to do with it, and it did not happen ANYWHERE near us. 

If Nagy & Woronoff and their so-called newspaper are so interested in denouncing hate, I say: “Y’all go first.”

Exhibit 1 is an item about a group called “The RedShirts” that existed in North Carolina during Reconstruction.  This armed paramilitary group’s primary function was to terrorize freed blacks and vandalize their property.  Identified as the group’s leader:  Josephus Daniels.


 Does that name ring any bells? It should.  He is a member of the family tree for at least one of The Pilot’s owners.   Resisting desegregation is one thing. TERRORIZING freed blacks is a whole other ball of wax.

Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

[…] While sometimes engaging in violent acts of terrorism, the Red Shirts, the White League, rifle clubs, and similar groups in the late nineteenth century worked openly and were better organized than the underground terrorist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. They used organization, intimidation and force to achieve political purposes of restoring the Democrats to power, overturning Republicans, and repressing civil and voting rights of freedmen.[6] During the 1876, 1898 and 1900 campaigns in North Carolina, the Red Shirts played prominent roles in intimidating non-Democratic Party voters.[…]

I first learned about this group from former Daniels employee and N&O political columnist Rob Christensen’s seminal book on North Carolina politics. 

Exhibit 2 is much more recent.  William Josephus Warden of Cary was busted in 2018 on some hate-related charges:

[…] Twenty-year-old William J. Warden of Cary, North Carolina recently admitted to going on an anti-Semitic spree—first by burning a cross at a public park, then by blanketing neighborhoods with pro-Nazi flyers that read, “Are you sick and tired of the Jews destroying your country through mass immigration and degeneracy? Join us in the struggle for global white supremacy at the Daily Stormer.”

The coup de grâce that landed Warden in jail, facing counts of ethnic intimidation, came when he terrorized a Cary synagogue just hours after its services mourning the death of fellow Jews in the recent Pittsburg attack. According to a Soundcloud account bearing Warden’s name, picture, and location, he is part of a “3-piece evil, racist, hypocritical Nazi Skinhead Punk band” whose songs boast, “You can almost hear screams and gunfire echoing from a certain Pittsburgh Synagogue.

Warden comes from the home of prominent Democrats. His mother is Lucy Inman, a North Carolina appeals court judge […]

So, WHO IS Lucy Inman?:

[…] Inman is the daughter of author Lucy Daniels, the granddaughter of former White House Press Secretary Jonathan W. Daniels, and the great-granddaughter of Navy Secretary Josephus Daniels. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana while her father was working at the Indianapolis Star.[3] The family returned to Raleigh while she was an infant.[4][…]

There’s that Daniels name again.  That puts Lucy — and therefore young William — right smack in the middle of the family tree of at least ONE Pilot owner.

Again, I am sure some people will go on about how unfair it is to hold certain folks over at The Pilot – and in the vicinity of The Pilot – responsible for stuff they had no control over and no part of.   I’m arguing that it’s JUST as unfair to try to hold a stupid act with stupid stuff spray-painted on a bedsheet hung on a US 1 bridge north of Vass over the heads of the people of Pinehurst. 

Federal and state law already make it crystal clear about crimes based on race, religion, and gender.  In my book, that’s enough.