Colon Campbell checks out Dallas’s BIG GUN

Two of the greatest minds in North Carolina came together in the pages of today’s edition of McClatchy’s flagship money-bleeder:

N.C. Republican Party executive director Dallas Woodhouse caused a stir on social media this week when he posted a picture on Facebook and Twitter in which he’s holding an AK-style semi-automatic rifle.

“Best Christmas present ever !!” Woodhouse wrote in the post.

The post has drawn hundreds of comments, some of which praised the GOP leader for exercising his Second Amendment right to own a gun. “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! God bless you!” one person wrote.

And there he is — the face and voice of the NCGOP posing in a photo in front of his Raleigh home brandishing a large rifle with the grace and style of “Private Pyle” from Full Metal Jacket.   (If Colon Campbell was any kind of real journalist, he’d be asking Dallas what he knew about his brother’s hiring of thugs to beat up elderly Trump supporters. I do believe that is still a crime in all of these United States. But, Colon is a urinal sniffer, and NOT a real journalist. So, never mind.)  MORE: 

[…] But in a sign of the political divisions surrounding gun ownership, other comments were more critical. Several pointed out that the gun’s safety appeared to be turned off in the photo. “Get a clue before you injure or kill someone,” said one commenter.

Woodhouse defended the photo Wednesday and stressed that he’s using appropriate gun safety.

“I just said it was the best Christmas present ever,” he said, declining to say who gave the gift or for what purpose. “I did not say it was in fact mine. I am not saying either way what weapons I legally possess or own or not. That weapon was not loaded, and my finger is no place close to the trigger. That magazine is completely empty as is the chamber.”

But Woodhouse said the N.C. Republican Party has received threats this election year, and some involved promises to “visit someone at home.”

So, what does he do?  POSES FOR A PHOTO IN FRONT OF HIS HOUSE AND POSTS IT ON TWITTER.  (Now, Brad’s employees can be sure exactly which house to egg and tag with their graffitti.) 

[…] “There has been a lot of hyperbole recently by people directed at me and some of my staff based on our activities that have made personal safety and security more of a concern,” Woodhouse said. “I’m not saying that’s directly related to this (photo), but it has been on my mind.”

Woodhouse says he was surprised by the reaction to his post. “Have we gotten so hyper-partisan that a photo with a legal firearm is news for the state’s largest newspaper?” he told The News & Observer.

I hope he’s reported all of these “threats” to the police.  God forbid they turn out to be be paid employees of BRAD Woodhouse.

I have no interest in going around Dallas or even over to Dallas’s house.  I don’t advise any of you out there to do it either, unless Private Pyle invites you personally.  Then, it’s all up to YOU.

The Secret Service does not publicly display all of its security measures at The White House.  We don’t need to see them.  I do believe it’s safe to say the place is well-protected and WOE be unto whomever attempts to test those defenses.