Civitas boss: Tillis 2010 record rating removal not political

civitasWe recently posted about how the conservative Raleigh-based Civitas Action rated Thom Tillis’s 2010 record in the NC with a grade of ‘F.’    We noted that we had to really dig to find that 2010 information — suggesting the possibility that it may have been scrubbed from the Civitas web site for the benefit of the 2014 Tillis for Senate campaign.  Well, we heard from the boss at NC Civitas, Francis DeLuca, about this matter:

I am not sure what happened to our old CA scores/ranks.
It gives the impression that we intentionally scrubbed our site of past rankings. The reality is that he had to take down previous years because the coding was incompatible and our web guy needed to update it. So he had to take down prior years in order to post the 2013 rankings. When (if) he gets time he can re-code the prior year’s rankings and post them back up, but there is no telling when he can do that with the other work in line to do– such as our regular daily web work, and