Chatham County’s Duncan spanks Big Gov’t. Barbie over amnesty votes

CaptureCongresswoman Renee Ellmers has shown her true colors this week in regard to amnesty for illegal aliens.  Jim Duncan, chairman of the Chatham County GOP in Ellmers’s district, has stepped forward via Facebook to call out his member of Congress:



Duncan was being aggressively recruited as a primary challenger to Ellmers in 2014.  (Private family concerns at the time kept him from committing.)  Sources tell me those concerns have been put to bed and a Duncan candidacy is quite possible for 2016. 

5 thoughts on “Chatham County’s Duncan spanks Big Gov’t. Barbie over amnesty votes

  1. I am no longer able to listen to his radio program but let’s hope Bill LuMaye, who courted Ellmers and did much to advocate for her during her first campaign, calls her out for this insanity. She is a disgrace.

  2. She should be encouraged to change her affiliation or be brought up on party disloyalty charges. She is no Republican as her voting record proves. Barbie? I don’t think so. That’s like saying Nancy Pelosi bears likeness to Audrey Hepburn!

  3. Good citizens of District 2….WAKE UP!! With any luck, Mr. Duncan will come forward and challenge Ms. Ellmers in a primary. It is time to send Renee packing, enough already!

  4. She has shown her true colors time and time again. She was advocating amnesty in Laura Ingram’s show before elections but yet you voted her in. Better the enemy we know than the snake that lies in your bed and whispers sweet words.

    Next election don’t just vote R for the sake of GOP. Vote conservative and hold thee feet to the fire. Her office today hang up on me when I called to complain. So there we go we the peasants are to be ruled by the likes of her.

  5. Renee Ellmers is one of the biggest frauds in the history of Congress. She was elected only because of conservative support and stabbed them in the back as soon as the recount was completed.

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