Charlotte drive by: GAYS under attack in North Carolina (And it’s PAT’S fault.)

no more“North Carolina doesn’t see a need to protect LGBTQ people. But we found victims whose stories say otherwise.”

Yep.  THAT is a HARD news headline from The Charlotte Observer today.  Of course, this is a story about HB2.  And like everything else peddled by our worthless drive by media, it is outrageously over-the-top: 

Despite America’s dramatic shift toward acceptance, LGBTQ residents across North Carolina are routinely singled out for condemnation and discrimination – sometimes even physical violence – because of who they are.

Last month in Charlotte, a 24-year-old transgender man said he was confronted outside the restrooms at PNC Pavilion by several women who demanded to know if he was “a boy or a girl” and then lifted up his shirt to see.

Early on a Saturday evening in June, a lesbian chef said she was body-slammed to the ground in Uptown Charlotte by a teenage girl hurling homophobic slurs.

In Waynesville, in the Smoky Mountains, a newlywed gay man left work late one night last fall and discovered “DIE FAG” spray-painted in huge black letters on the side of his Jeep.dumb-reporter-new-york-times

For young people especially, psychological and physical attacks can have profound and sometimes tragic consequences.

Being a crime victim IS tough — regardless of your sexual preferences.  MORE: 

[…] In Rowan County, 45 miles north of Charlotte, Daniel Safrit grew up believing he was a bad person. From third grade to sixth grade, his classmates told him so.

They called him “loser” and “gay” and a word he never had heard before. He had to ask his mother what “fag” meant.

Next to the swagger of other boys, Daniel appeared effeminate. He enjoyed gymnastics and cheerleading.

“He became confused,” said his mother, Jamie Safrit. “Everybody put it into his head, and he was trying to figure it out himself. He wrote down in his journal that he was gay. He was ugly. He was a loser.”obama-change-charlotte-riots-z

Daniel grew so depressed after the start of middle school in 2013, Safrit said, he tried to kill himself in early September. He was hospitalized for a week. When he returned to Erwin Middle School in Salisbury, she said, the bullying resumed.

One day after school Daniel seemed troubled by something, she said, but he didn’t say what was bothering him. Before he went to bed that night, she remembers his last words to her: Love you.

The next morning, they found Daniel in his bedroom closet. He had hanged himself with a necktie.

The moment from which her 11-year-old son never recovered might seem insignificant. She said she was told that it happened in health class: Another student refused to share his sunflower seeds.riot


You’re too gay, the boy reportedly said to Daniel.

Daniel’s short life is one among dozens of stories of bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence against North Carolina residents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer – or people perceived to be. Jamie Safrit said she doesn’t know whether her son was gay but other kids assumed he was and targeted him because of it.

Public records and interviews across the state suggest that targeting of LGBTQ residents is so commonplace that many take it for granted as a sad – and sometimes dangerous – fact of their lives.

[…] racist-dog2Gregory Herek, a psychology professor at the University of California-Davis who is an expert on anti-gay violence, said HB2 sends a broad symbolic message: “It’s conveying to people in the state who are LGBT that they are not full citizens.”

The new law, scholars and advocates believe, has given people permission to hate.

In what critics call the most anti-LGBTQ legislation ever enacted, HB2 abolished a Charlotte ordinance that added sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes, the same as race, age, religion and gender. HB2 also banned local governments in the state from passing their own non-discrimination ordinances.

It’s amazing that leftists believe you can regulate an emotion out of existence.  Hating someone is one thing.  Setting them — or their stuff – -on fire because you hate them is another thing entirely. During the recent RIOTS in Charlotte, I saw a lot of dark-skinned folks on-camera breaking stuff, assaulting people, and cursing “whitey.”  But Noooooo.  *HB2 is the problem we gotta focus on here.  Right in front of the election.*  1045534652

I saw a lot more crimes  being committed in Charlotte, during the riots, than I’ve seen recounted in this article.

Like MLK, I have a dream.  I have a dream that – -one day – the drivebys will stop lying about HB2 and tell their readers and viewers the truth.   Governor McCrory gave a great explanation of the law during the debate the other night.  But, of course, the drivebys buried it.  *Gotta keep the narrative going.*


Three weeks after HB2 was adopted, someone responded to a sign critical of the governor by leaving a note on an Asheville woman’s car: “Burn in Hell, nasty faggot! I ? HB2!’ 

The next day in Charlotte, instead of tipping a waitress who is lesbian, a group of female customers at Zada Jane’s in Plaza Midwood left a Bible verse, Leviticus 20:13, which holds that sex between two men is “an abomination” punishable by

Handing someone a Bible verse is a “hate crime”?  WOW.  More: 

[…] In the middle of one night in April, someone set fire to rainbow flags that the United Church of Christ in Hillsborough raised as a statement of welcome and inclusion. Twice since then, replacement flags have been stolen.

Said Josh Burford, assistant director for sexual and gender diversity at UNC Charlotte: “It’s time for us to be afraid again.”


Time to be afraid, eh?  During those Charlotte riots that many of these same yo-yos on the left branded as “demonstrations” that needed to be “understood”, I am sure there were a hell of a lot of people — GAY and STRAIGHT — who were AFRAID.  I guess beating people down in the street and hijacking vehicles on the freeway just doesn’t engender the same kind of, um, “fear” as a Bible verse.

The national gay rights movement has at the top of its agenda the abolition of the idea of gender.  They pushed through an ordinance in Charlotte that would fine and harrass people and businesses in town who continued to segregate restrooms and locker rooms by gender.  The General Assembly responded with a law that basically says:  If you are a private organization, we don’t care what you do.  But if you are a public organization — a school or other government building — you WILL maintain separate locker rooms and bathrooms for men and women, boys and girls.  Nothing changed.  The accepted societal practice was codified.  NEWS_shitin_jennamackey

This smack-down of the gay mafia’s attempt to forcibly change our culture and society has been cynically twisted into the second coming of Jim Crow.  It’s not even close.

You want to see terrorism and intimidation?  Try refusing to host or cater a gay wedding at your restaurant. As a church, try refusing to allow a gay wedding reception to be held in your fellowship hall. Try setting a rule that boys wearing eyeliner, earrings, and pearls can’t dress like that while playing on your Little League baseball team. All hellfire and brimstone will rain down on you.

All over North Carolina, people are coexisting and getting along just fine — regardless of their sexual preferences, races, or genders. Leftists HAVE to keep people angry, divided and fired up to keep themselves and their agenda relevant.  THAT is what the HB2 hubbub is all about.  And they’re willing to burn our state to the ground JUST to keep the mission of altering the laws of nature alive.