CENSURED: Craven Co. GOPers have some choice words for The Speaker

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The executive committee of the Craven County Republican Party has voted to issue a letter of censure against state House Speaker Thom Tillis. (Read it in its entirety HERE.) 

I asked a veteran NCGOP activist and current member of the state GOP executive committee for his two cents on the matter, and here is what he offered up:

This is probably the most serious, the most severe, punitive action a county party organization can take against a party member.  This is not something done — or taken — lightly.

Neither this source, nor any of the other GOPers I spoke with, could recall something like this happening previously.  The closest thing was the state executive committee’s decision to kick Richard Morgan out of the party circa 2004.

What’s got these folks in Craven County so steamed?  They tell us in their letter to NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes:

  • The Speaker interfered in at least three 2012 Republican Primaries in eastern North Carolina.

In North Carolina House District 6, Speaker Tillis gave support to a former Democrat turned New Republican candidate.  Mr. Tillis also supported a former Democrat in the Republican Primary in North Carolina Senate District 2.  Finally, Mr. Tillis manipulated the Senate District 1 race by encouraging a then current House member to run for Senate but ultimately supported the House member’s Democrat-turned-Republican opponent.  Unfortunately, Speaker Tillis has stated he will be involved in future Primaries.

  • Speaker Tillis weakened many of the provisions in the Voter I.D. bill.
  • The Speaker has taken liberal positions on legislation including Interstate Toll HOT Lanes, Ferry Tolls, and the protection of Telecommunication monopolies at the expense of smaller “free market” competitors.  These positions are contrary to the economic liberties championed by the Republican Party.
  • The Speaker supports HB 983 (Game Fish Bill).  This Bill will threaten the tradition of commercial fishing, cause wasteful “bycatch” as fisherman are forced to dispose of these new Game Fish, and harm the associated seafood industry.  One of the ironies of this Bill is that we will initially use taxpayer money to subsidize commercial fishermen forced out of business by this Bill.  Our state’s Republican Party platform reflects a position of less Government regulation on private businesses, and this Bill is contrary to that philosophy.

I also spoke with a veteran activist with the Craven County GOP — who asked not to be named in this post:

This letter ended up using a lot more diplomatic language than I would have.  But it still serves its purpose and makes its point.  The folks out here, outside the Raleigh beltline, who love this state, work hard every day to make it a great place, and who fought hard to put Republicans in control of things in Raleigh are sick and tired of what Thom Tillis has been saying and doing.

The Craven activist said other county parties have been in contact with censure supporters about possibly replicating the Craven effort.  My source tells me that Thom Tillis — and the concept of censure — will be a hot topic of discussion at this weekend’s Third Congressional District GOP meeting in New Bern.

Dare County’s GOP looks like a good bet to be the next to move against Tillis.  We obtained an email from Dare GOP chairman Browny Douglas to NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes that did not mince a single word:

Chairman Hayes, I, in the capacity of Dare County Republican Chairman, am SERIOUSLY considering bringing party disloyalty charges against speaker Tillis due to his remarks about his fellow Republicans being politically expendable with reference to HB 983.  As you know or should know there are other like and similar remarks he has made.  Ex  “tuff if some of our coastal legislators get burned” over the ferry toll issue.  He cares about himself ONLY. Visions of Hagen’s seat.  Anyone with reasonable intelligence can see that the CCA, GAME FISHERMEN, have him bought off so as to satisfy their selfish wants to control NC public resources for themselves. The CCA’s endless amt of BIG oil $$$$ is more than he can turn down. He has a me me me syndrome and to hell with the NC Republican Party.  I assure you I do not stand alone with these thoughts.  Somebody needs to reign him in before NC becomes blue again, IN GREAT PART BECAUSE OF HIM.

We obtained a second email from Douglas, to some associates, offering further detail about his concerns regarding Tillis:

At the root of my concern is that HB 983 is ALL about allocation and NOT economics as professed by the CCA.  It is about appeasing the pleasure of the GAME fishermen. More broadly it is about corporate control on a national level of N C’s public trust resources; resources that are yours and mine. The CCA is a well funded special interest group spawned in 1977 by Walter Fondren and was originally solely funded by his BIG OIL [Exxon] money. Needless to say other corporate money has enjoined the selfish agenda of CONTROL FOREVER by the game fishermen. The seafood consuming public is expected to settle for less than fresh, limited items, and imports —- again FOREVER!  A GAME fish bill is but the camels nose. A total net ban is the ultimate objective. The history of the CCA’s march through time and throughout southeastern and gulf coast states reflects this.


Speaker Tillis has GOT TO BE aware of this. However it appears that the stress of politics clouds his better judgment as it is glaringly evident that he supports HB 983 and is fully reconciled to its passage. SOMETIMES GOOD PEOPLE DO BAD THINGS. I and many other members of the GOP since the origination of HB 353, and now HB 983, have been concerned about the image that such a “TAKING” will have on the well being of the Republican Party here in N C. Those of us concerned contend that it may well be a HUGE NEGATIVE and,  more pointedly,  the possible loss of elected positions for the conservative party. Sadly it appears that conservative principles are being sacrificed for political gain. To be sure the good Senator Don East must be rolling over in his grave.


A fairly and deservedly informed GOP would not be properly fulfilled without this revelation:   On April 24th of this year during a state wide teleconference call open to all N C GOP county chairmen, Speaker Tillis responded to me with a most alarming stance revealing what I and other listeners perceived to be his lack of concern for the well being of N C’s Republican Party. During this call, I commented to him that I and others throughout the State have serious concerns that passage of HB 983 might cause the loss of republican elected positions. While NOT verbatim, BUT WITHOUT A CHANCE of his response being misunderstood, he said that  ‘politically the Republicans can afford to lose a couple of seats and still maintain majority control’ . That response was and is an insulting slap in the face to the Republican Party and its voters in general. I cannot imagine that it will not serve as the same to any and all sitting members of the NC General Assembly, and ESPECIALLY, in this particular instance, to coastal legislators. I feel duty bound and compelled to have revealed this matter in defense of the GOP as well as the working fishing communities of coastal N C.


If the teleconference call of April 24 was recorded,  the recording will reflect this revelation unless it has for some reason suffered alteration.  If that is the case, I and others stand ready to swear on a bible to the correctness of this written testimony.  Regarding party disloyalty,  I will leave that to individual discretion.

17 thoughts on “CENSURED: Craven Co. GOPers have some choice words for The Speaker

  1. We hear Tillis has interfered in other primaries, too.

    As you know, Jonathan Sink, recently elected Vice Chair of the Mecklenburg GOP, announced a few weeks ago that he was moving to Cabarrus to run against Rep. Larry Pittman. He also announced that Tillis and Pittenger were funding him. Further, those present say he revealed he would be keeping his home in Charlotte while taking an apartment in Concord.

    Thankfully, Mr. Sink has thought better of that idea, but we are sure another challenger will come along to try to unseat the VERY popular Rep. Pittman.

    Hopefully, Rep. Robert Brawley will soon be vindicated, as well. Wonder how long it will be before the Tillis fans and fellow legislators begin backing away from him.

    1. Rep Brawley needs no vindication. He did his job. No apologies are necessary. Rep Pittman did his job. No apologies necessary. The fans are already distancing themselves and soon the money will dry up for the controversial Tillis. Money runs from controversy and the circus that is about to surround the Tillis campaign that even he doesn’t realize. The SS Tillis is taking on water.

  2. PTHANK YOU CRAVEN COUNTY! Tillis doesn’t care if republicans lose because in all reality he is NOT one. Another wolf in sheep’s wool. It’s time ALL conservatives start calling fakes like Tillis out. Let’s not forget he LOVES taking local power away in lieu of Regional Authority… Which is most definitely a move towards Agenda 21.

  3. To show support for the Craven County Republican Party Executive Committee, grateful citizens from around North Carolina have started a Support Thom Tillis Censure money bomb on facebook. Please join and invite your friends. Because we love our state and the Republican Party, and we can do better than this. http://www.gofundme.com/33d00g

  4. Someone needs to put up a ”NOT TILLIS” website with links to material on this and other sites.

  5. Speaker Tillis is also at the forefront of granting NC drivers permits to illegal immigrants, House bill 786. He said job number one was helping unemployed citizens find jobs, yet H.786 would gut and rule null and void E-Verify provisions just passed by the Republican controlled NC House and NC Senate in 2011 to protect new jobs for citizens, not illegal immigrants (85% of illegals do NOT work on the farm). H.786 would in effect help illegals get and keep jobs and then be able to legally drive to those jobs that belong to citizens. Currently our State spends each year over $1.1 billion net on illegal immigrants and their dependents. The last time our State granted driving privileges to illegals, we became a magnet for tens of thousands of additional illegals. The NC Sheriffs’ Association and the NC Highway Patrol do not support H.786.

    1. Tillis supporting drivers licenses for illegal aliens should, by itself be enough to sink him without a trace. What special interests have paid him off to push such asinine legislation? Those other Republicans supporting this travesty should also be named and shamed, and each should be primaried. Tillis – the Speaker from La Raza.

  6. For those doubters out there who think that criticizing elected officials doesn’t get results, I present Exhibit A: HB 983. The Speaker has been pushing this for months. Yesterday, word leaks out that the Craven County GOP is censuring the Speaker, in part because of this bill. Today we learn that HB 983 is dead.

    Game, set, match. Power to the Grassroots.


    1. Good Job! Sometimes you have to swim against the tide for a while. My prediction is that Thillis is not going to get by with flipflopping, and skirting issues like he has. He definietly has some explaining to do. As in my other post elsewhere here, the scuttlebutt is that many are holding their breath because an ethics complaint may be filed officially. It could happen. He has made a lot of people mad.

  7. Tillis is not a North Carolinian and does not act in the interest of North Carolinian’s’. I applaud you for taking this stance and can only hope other counties will do the same and he will be removed from power and forced to leave office and go back up north from whence he came. He is a dirt-bag and only wants to get a job in Washington at the expense of the people of our good state. Drop the hammer on him and Tarheels across the state will stand behind you and applaud you for being true leaders.

  8. grassroots pressured our rep in SENC Frank Iler who was a sponsor of this bill. He removed his name from the bill after some pressure By Ron Woodard and others educating him. We will watch the vote, but another win for grassroots.

  9. This story is a damned lie take it down. The damn exec committee never voted on nor passed this language and while I know you will continue your censorship of your blog you are proving that your publication is a gossip rag focused on getting clicks not facts. Just like tmz.
    This is a damn shame and I hope some one seeks action.

    1. ^^ Another Tillis water carrier ^^ The Craven ExComm voted to send the letter in its monthly meeting. The meeting this article speaks of was done as specific business to finalize the details of the letter, to whom it would be sent and how. There is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt of all the business that was done at the May 28th meeting. Get the minutes of both meetings and confirm it for yourself.

    2. Obviously Jerry works for Time Warner cable and doesn’t want his business relationship with Thom Tillis’ aspiring new political track to be disrupted. Oh, the cartoon antics of Thom and Jerry. Was Thom the rat and Jerry the cat or was it the other way around?

  10. Let me add as a New Hanover County resident that House Speaker personally destroyed key tenets of the 2011 HB36 E-Verify which would protect jobs for North Carolinians and legal residents.

    Secondly, as Ron Woodard has stated above, he essentially controlled HB786’s fate. This was an immigration enforcement bill for our state to protect citizens and help law enforcement . He sent his Agriculure legal counsel into a meeting that NCFIRE and NCLISTEN attended. Pushed for the licensing of illegal aliens and exempting their employers from E-Verify use.

    The ONLY section of the bill that survived was the weakening of E-Verify and enlarging seasonal labor employment from 3 mos. to 9 mos. This in turn, allowed employers to hire ILLEGAL ALIENs without E-Verify. This extended well beyond farm labor to hotel-motel jobs, restaurants, landscaping, and many coastal/mountain jobs for our children, seniors and anyone who just wants to pick up some extra cash. It means they now have to COMPETE with ILLEGAL LABOR.

    NO WAY a large group of us in New Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick County will support him for ANY upcoming political office. Can’t wait to get him out of office.

    1. Tillis is disgusting. He was out prostituting himself for special interests, which is the core of his political ideology, and in the process making himself the biggest amigo of the illegal aliens in North Carolina. Ann Coulter nailed Traitor Tillis on that.

      Tillis is also hooked up with major amnesty amigo Karl Rove, and when he brings Renegade Rove to NC, there needs to be a massive anti-amnesty anti-Rove demonstration that also educates voters on how Tillis sides with the illegals and with special interests over the citizens of North Carolina.

      As awful as Kay Hagan is, Tillis is even worse. We need to work hard to see that he is NOT our Senate nominee.

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