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#ncpol: Ol’ Roy and that pesky constitution

Leftists tend to be creative types.  That’s why they dominate and excel in the arts.  In the legal community, they tend to take great pride in pulling stuff out of their collective posteriors and calling it “constitutional.” That’s how you get a “right to abortion”…

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First, the blacks. Now, the trannies. (*Does Roy Cooper’s bigotry know no bounds?*)

The Democrat Party has staked its very survival on rewarding all kinds of subcategories, or “communities” of people.  But Roy Cooper — elected in the middle of the night by a mysterious batch of 90,000 votes from Durham County, is setting a record for stabbing…

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Dale Folwell wants NEW TAXES.

I soooo hoped that this is some of that fake news that our state drivebys are so fond of concocting. But it isn’t.   I don’t know how much more back-stabbing and selling-out I can stand.   From what I know of Dale Folwell personally,…

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#ncpol: Politifact soiling its nose at the dawn of the Cooper era

Just as we thought, The N&O’s Politifact fact-checking column will, when all is said and done, have Roy Cooper looking like the most truthful political figure in American history since George Washington. Monsieur Doran’s latest piece beats up Republicans for being mean to Ol’ Roy…

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Making change at the twilight of the Obama era

I stopped by a particular retail establishment to buy a particular item this week.  I found my item and took it to the first register I saw — which was manned by a young lady probably in high school or not far out of it….

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Spellings: HB2 stemming the tide of liberal loons wanting to teach at UNC

Well, THERE is another upside to all of this hoopty-doo over boys in the ladies powder room. Of course, the driveby FAKE media is portraying Spellings’s comments as moaning about how the law is hurting higher education in North Carolina.   Spellings AND the useless UNC board…

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School funding: The never-ending sob story

In Moore County, as I am sure it is in your county, THIS story is getting way too old:  With Moore County Schools’ dire budgetary straits and ever-stricter state mandates threatening arts programs and athletics, parents and teachers are circling the wagons.[…]  Notice how the…

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Ethics Roulette: (Am I my brother’s auditor?) It’s ALL IN THE FAMILY at AppState.

It’s pretty clear they have a, um, “different” way of doing things at Appalachian State University.  We told you earlier about the university administrator who oversaw a business transaction between the university AND a private company where he serves as vice-president.   How could that…

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Have some MORE Medicaid! (The kids and grandkids will be picking up the bill.)

He won the governor’s race in the middle of the night by the hair of his chinny chin chin. But Roy Cooper has put the pedal to the metal in an all out race to the far-left lane that has Rob Schofield and Chris Fitzsimon…

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It was a battle over bathrooms that was threatening to shake us to our cultural and economic core.  The City of Charlotte, ever the lapdog to the Gay Mafia and its stormtroopers, decided to outlaw the idea of gender-segregated restrooms and locker rooms. The General…