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Race-Baiting 101 at UNC-Charlotte

The educrats love to tell us to shut up and keep shoveling our money to them.  And they keep on bitch-slapping us with leftist nonsense funded by that money we keep forking over. We all know how kooky things are in the classrooms at Chapel…

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Grade Suppression: Making Public Education, um, “Great” again

I caught this little gem buried deep in a story reporting on a recent Robeson County board of education meeting: […] In other business, the school board: […] — Approved a grade suppression policy. Under the policy certain eligible students can retake a course in…

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Moore County Schools: Boy, are we getting SCREWED.

Granted, this story is about one of North Carolina’s 100 counties.  But something like this is likely going on in each of the other 99.   We’ve got a clueless, or complicit — not sure which is worse — board of education.  We’ve got a…

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As tax hike war-drums beat in Moore County, important questions go un-asked, unanswered

Two years ago, there was some serious drama and boo-hooing over the Moore County School Board’s attempt to fire superintendent Bob Grimesey. (Grimesey managed to show us a few on-camera tears, too.) Since being re-instated, Grimesey has presided over — with a supportive Greek chorus…

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Yes, Duke University, “diversity training” IS a big waste of time.

I have a rule here.  This is a conservative site.  But a little debate never hurts anything.  Lefties are always welcome here.  Though I do make them comply with some simple rules: (1) no profanity, (2) no slander, and (3) sign up with an email…

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Uh-oh, I’ve got mail. (Hint: LESBIAN RESEARCH)

Now, if THAT doesn’t get your attention. Here’s a piece of mail from UNC-CH administration that — somehow — made it into our inbox: From: Kaplan, Roger Jay <> Sent: Monday, May 1, 2017 5:44 PM To: Provost’s Committee On LGBTQ Life Subject: Summer Grants for Students   Please…

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@Appstate: More cronyism! More ethical lapses!

Okay.  So, deep within the mountain wonderland of Watauga County, we’ve got quite a bit of Raleigh-like antics in motion.   We’ve learned about the upswing in violent crime on the Appalachian State University campus.  We’ve learned about university-blessed campaigns against white males and Trump supporters.  We’ve…

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Biting the hand that feeds you

Have you ever heard so much whining from people who make six figures a year and work — maybe — 12 hours per week?   THAT is the liberal majority on the University of North Carolina faculty:  A UNC system faculty group has told a…

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Drowning in his OWN B.S. (The Ed Dennison story)

Thats what happened — according to one of my moles – to Moore County school board chairman Ed Dennison at Saturday’s northern Moore GOP precinct meetings. If you haven’t followed things closely here, let me recap.  Our school board is the furthest thing from watchdogs….

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More on public school bureaucrat duplicity

We posted earlier on how edu-crats here in Moore County have a yearly ritual of LYING their posteriors off to the public about their financial position.  *Oh, the babies are going to starve! We’re going to have to pack 50 into each classroom! We’re going…