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#ncga: Following the money ….

The North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation has an interesting analysis of where the two parties stood financially at EOY 2017 in the race to control (or keep control of)  Jones Street. Mind you, this takes into account ONLY what is shown on campaign  reports by…

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#ncga: Threats, a primary, and a lawsuit.

You wonder why more people don’t throw their hats in Raleigh’s poltiical ring. Dare County Republican Beverly Boswell campaigned as a conservative and has served as a conservative.  She hasn’t minced words.  And that has made her a lot of enemies. The ACLU and their…

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#ncga: THIS is what my Hebrew friends call ‘chutzpah’.

NC House Republicans have decided that Rules Committee chairman David Lewis will be their point-man on ethics allegations against Roy Cooper and the Democrats.  Lewis has come out strong on social media, tweeting stuff like, oh,  THIS: “Better to admit you are caught with your…

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#ncga: DeLuca for NC House?

Somebody is apparently thinking about it.  Check out this tweet from longtime NCGA staffer Gerry Cohen: For those of you keeping score, DeLuca JUST stepped down as the boss at Civitas.  Ball is a freshman Democrat from the Raleigh area who knocked off Republican incumbent Gary…

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#ncga: “My senator bought me a fur coat!”

Moore County is entering a brave new world with its THIRD state senator in six years.  Tom McInnis (R-Richmond) is the incumbent in our new district.  He’s going to be facing a primary from the mayor of Whispering Pines.  Just in case McInnis makes it…

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Solar panels contaminating our water?

Southeastern North Carolina residents are wrapped up in turmoil over contamination of water in the Cape Fear River by GenX. Meanwhile, in Raleigh, legislators are whoring themselves out to the solar energy and vacuuming up all kinds of cash from the industry’s lobbyists. Now comes…

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#ncpol: “Um, Dallas called.” (And WE have the voicemail!)

You just never know what that little cartoon character up at state GOP HQ will do next. The state Democrats have been all over social media about this “Blue Monday” thing — announcing new legislative candidates and pledging to contest every currently Republican held seat….

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#ncga: Senate dist. 25 GOP primary could set off touchy “family feud”

North Carolina Senate District 25 now includes Moore, Scotland, Anson and Richmond Counties.  It has an incumbent, Republican Tom McInnis of Richmond County.  McInnis has filed for reelection and, for the first time, will be seeking votes in Moore. Moore County GOP mover-and-shaker George Little…

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#ncga: A primary for Kelly Hastings

He’s played games with his campaign fund — paying himself, paying family.  He’s taken a walk on key votes in the House.  He’s hung so close to leadership (i.e., Speaker Timmy) that he has a permanent brown stain on his nose.  His unfiltered Facebook commentary…

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#ncga: Traveling & Eating (on special interests’ dime) with Jason

Only in America — specifically North Carolina and the NCGOP — can a guy go from broke and unemployed to making major financial decisions for the future of the state and getting showered with cash.  It’s good to be Jason Saine. We’ve had quite a…