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#ncpol: Oh, look. A PUSH poll.

    We told you earlier about forces very very very very close to Thom Tillis trying to organize a primary challenge to Lt. Gov. Dan Forest in next year’s gubernatorial race.  Well, someone has already gotten  started with a push poll that appears to…

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#ncpol: Thom, meet Garland.

  We told you about this some time ago.   Now, it appears the big moment is upon us.  Retired Raleigh financier Garland Tucker is stepping forward this week as a GOP primary challenger to special-interest-cash-whore Thom Tillis.     The Tucker campaign has acquired…

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NC-09: Oh, look. A poll.

  The  drive by media is making a YUGE deal out of a poll of The Ninth District GOP primary by Public Policy Polling (PPP) that got regurgitated nationally by Hotline.  Naturally,  I am dubious of anything PPP puts out.     First,  it is…

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NC-09: Dan & Stony, a budding bro-mance

  The fireworks in the special election for the Ninth Congressional District seem to be relegated to the campaigns of Union County commissioner Stony Rushing (R) and state senator Dan Bishop (R-Charlotte).   Early voting is already underway.  Election day is May 14.   What…

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NC-03: Look what came in the mail! (Two days LATE, of course.)

“Free” must be a synonym for “High” in certain social circles. Anyway, Dr. Kevin Baiko, one of the 17 candidates for the Third District, got this thought-provoking mailer promoting his candidacy out to Third District mailboxes on Thursday.  The problem?  The election was on TUESDAY….

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NC-03: One big B.S. toss

  (And NO, I’m not talking about a bachelor’s of science.)   We’re down to Two in the battle to pick a nominee for the Third Congressional District.  The primary was a tough thing for me and the rest of us here at the site….

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The ‘Swampetition’: NCGOP chairman candidate Whatley’s firm lobbies FOR solar

  Supporter of NCGOP chairman candidate Michael Whatley like to pass their guy off as just another proponent of offshore drilling.  Well, there’s more to the story:   […] Having interviewed principals at CfA and EPI, I circled back to the Consumer Energy Alliance, hoping…

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NC-03: Meadows endorses Greg Murphy, calls him “clearly the conservative pick”

  This move has been a long time in the making.  But it finally got here:   Republican state Rep. Greg Murphy, who topped a 17-way primary Tuesday night for U.S. House in Eastern North Carolina, picked up a key endorsement Wednesday morning ahead of…

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NC-03: The Doctors Are IN! (Murphy, Perry top the field at the end of the night)

  And THEN there were two (doctors).   Voters in the Third Congressional District spoke today — whittling down the massive 17 member GOP field to two physicians:  Dr. Greg Murphy of Greenville and Dr. Joan Perry of Kinston.     Unofficial results show Murphy…

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Meadows: Tillis to get a ‘legitimate’ primary opponent

      Congressman Mark Meadows told The Washington  Post he’s not interested in running for the US Senate.  But added THIS caveat:   (Here’s video of Meadows talking recently with The Washington Post’s Robert Costa about The Mueller Report.)   This news comes on…