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Hospital exec to Folwell & co.: ‘Burn in Hell!’

  This, um, “discussion” over transparency in the state health plan is getting a wee bit overheated.  State treasurer Dale Folwell, who has a constitutional mandate to administer the health plan, sees an urgent need to reform it and get costs under control.  The state…

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$1.4 million. Lady parts, and forty percent of the vote.

  Yep.  That pretty much sums up how the Third District GOP runoff election went yesterday.  The RNC, the House Republican leadership,  and the rest of the Republican-registered swamp in DC invested $1.4 million in the candidacy of Joan Perry.  They have , as have…

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Tillis fanboy surfaces as a leading contender for NCGOP ED

  We’ve been throwing out names of potential executive director candidates that have made their way back to us.  One more needs to be added to the list:  NC DPI general counsel (and deputy general counsel to Speaker Timmy)  Jonathan Sink.   There is an…

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#ncga: Bob Steinburg? Audited. (And the Dare County D.A. was nowhere in the vicinity.)

  Does everybody remember when Senator ‘Pickle’ declared war on Dare County’s top prosecutor for daring to pursue criminal charges against the senator’s top legislative and campaign aide?  (We do.)     Well, the toothless state board of elections has audited the campaign account of…

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Phil Berger hops on the Tillis ‘love train’

  How trés disappointing:       “A record of achieving results” ????  Hitler had one of those TOO.  (They weren’t very positive or uplifting results, but he got results.)     “Working WITH Senator Berger” ????   It was actually more like Speaker Tillis…

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Constitution Party now bigger than the Greens in NC

  North Carolina’s newest political party – The Constitution Party – has made some significant inroads, but it still has its work cut out for it if it wants to play with the “big boys.”   According to state board of elections statistics, Democrats have…

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Oh, look. A contract extension.

  I was examining the agenda for Monday night’s Moore County Board of Education meeting (3PM work session, 5pm closed session, 6 PM open session)  when I came across something rather curious.  The board will be voting on a contract extension for the superintendent —…

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Public Schools eat up HALF of the county budget. (And they’re demanding MORE.)

  It’s like a broken record.  Every year,  Moore county public school officials and their puppets on the school board go to the media , and before the county board of commissioners, boo-hooing about how they simply don’t have enough money to properly educate all…

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#ncga: Funeral Home directing made EASY

  Here the honorables are again, taking care of each other’s business.  And, oh look, Moore County’s own Jamie Boles is right in the middle of it:   State funeral board leaders say proposed legislation to create a “provisional” license for funeraldirectors is specifically designed…

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Hey, Greenville. You’ve got company coming.

  The GOP runoff primary election for the Third Congressional District will be complete on July 9.