Public schools and YOU: “Partners” in raising YOUR kids ???

I should hope not.  But here’s alleged Republican Bob Levy, chairman of the Moore County Board of Education:

Neither the public schools nor the school board are “partners” of any kind in raising the community’s children.  Raising kids is the job of parents. 

I know that Hillary Clinton told us all that “it takes a village.”  (But she’s bat-poop crazy.)

The schools are supposed to provide a valuable service.  They’re not partners with mom and dad in child-rearing.

Maybe Levy misspoke.  Maybe he got misquoted here. Misspeaking is hard to believe.  Levy is a trained attorney, and those folks tend to be pretty good with words.

I sure hope this is not one more example of how badly we misjudged the conservative majority we thought we were electing just a few years ago.