Bursting the Left’s Doom & Gloom bubble re: North Carolina

panicLeftists thrive on misery.  They cannot STAND for anyone to be doing well on their own and being happy.  Every two to four years, they want to tell us how bad things are (unless they are in charge).

We’ve got a big election coming up.  National activists are meddling like you wouldn’t believe — throwing in lots of dollars and disinformation.  Well, we’re here to help you see through all that bovine feces.  

The drive by media and the Democrat ticket have all been babbling about the lack of growth in personal income in our state.  According to the Bureau of Economic Analysisyes, the Obama regime —  our state saw personal income growth from 2013-2014 that surpassed Tennessee and Virginia, and was right in line with our neighbors to the south — South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

And then there’s the cost of living AND purchasing power.  The Tax Foundation performs a study for every year  illustrating the relative value of $100 in each state, as compared to the national average. According to those good people, you get a bigger bang for your $100 bucks in North Carolina than you do in Georgia, Florida, or Virginia.  (You do slightly better in Tennessee and South Carolina than you do in North Carolina.) Fitzcryin-eyes-closed

For instance — real purchasing power is roughy 12% higher in North Carolina than it is in Virginia.  So, if you make $50,000 after taxes in North Carolina and relocate to Virginia, you would need to make $56,000 after taxes in Virginia to enjoy the same standard of living you had in North Carolina.

North Carolina’s real purchasing power is 8% higher than Florida’s.  So, if you make $50,000 after taxes in North Carolina and then relocate to Florida, you would need to make $54,000 after taxes in Florida to maintain the same standard of living you had in North Carolina.

7 thoughts on “Bursting the Left’s Doom & Gloom bubble re: North Carolina

  1. Purchasing power…..now THAT is a great perspective to share with everyone on how good living in North Carolina has become in the last four years.

  2. Very refreshing news. Under Dem rule NC was ranked in the bottom 25% of states in economic power. In a short 4 yrs NC is now #2 in the nation under McCrory leadership. One may not like all, some or any of the governors stances but you can’t argue with the numbers.

    1. The number I am watching is ”2” as in HB2. If McCrory betrays us on that, he does not deserve any votes from conservatives. If he decides pandering to despicable corporate bullies, a handful of mentally ill gender deniers, and some whining special interests is more important than common sense protection of the privacy of our state’s women and children, then he is useless as governor. If he stands firm on keeping HB2, then I have got his back.

      This nonsense that Charlotte repealing its ordinance justifies repeal of HB2 is just that – nonsense. Does McCrory really expect us to believe that other liberal local governments will not jump in with similar anti-privacy ordinances as soon as HB2 is off the books? Is he that dumb or does he think we are that dumb? This deal that is being discussed is not a compromise. It is a surrender. It is like saying that General Lee compromised with Grant at Appamattox Court House.

      Politicians have a choice on HB2 – the special interests or the people.

      Conservatives should shun any Republican who sells us out on HB2, including at the ballot box. We should fight hard, on the other hand, to reelect all of those who stand firm for common sense, decency, and privacy.

      1. I absolutely agree with your comment. I work in a high school and with all the other issues they bring to school from home we don’t need to be worried about which bathroom they will use.

      2. I heartily agree! Here’s what I’ve been trying to convince NC legislators to do, going one step beyond HB2. Pass a “Liberty Restoration Act” that addresses and clarifies the relation between Liberty and Discrimination. Discrimination is found nowhere in the Constitution. Liberty is the Constitutional word and so discussion/legislation must center on Liberty, not Discrimination.

        Our founders declared that “we are endowed by our Creator (not government) with certain inalienable rights … Life, Liberty ….”. The Constitution Preamble states that “We, the people, in order to … secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution …” Liberty is pre-eminent over Discrimination.

        Government’s primary responsibility, then, is to protect the Individual Liberty of all citizens, rather than protecting some people from discrimination. Individual Liberty is, in fact, the right to discriminate as individuals (person and entities). Otherwise, what meaning does Liberty have? It is the right to make our own decisions whether others like it or not.
        Example: If I (70 yr. old) enter a restaurant and the owner says “Sorry, we don’t serve old guys here.”, I may not like his decision, but he is merely exercising his Individual Liberty. And government has no legitimate authority to force him to serve me or to give me legal grounds to sue – NONE! As long as I can walk down the street and get served elsewhere, my Individual Liberty has not been denied.

        The ONLY time when government can legitimately address Discrimination is when there is demonstrable Societal Discrimination. Why? Because only Societal Discrimination denies Individual Liberty. That was the case with black people over 50 years ago. They were denied (through segregation laws) Liberty to decide what water fountain, restroom, restaurant, hotel, school, etc. they could use. So the 60’s Original Civil Rights legislation stopping Societal Discrimination on the basis of (skin) color was valid because it gave black people the Liberty they had been denied. Unfortunately, other categories (sex, age, religion, etc.) were added illegitimately because they were not categories of Societal Discrimination. And the focus of laws became protecting certain groups of people from Individual Discrimination, rather than protecting everyone’s Liberty. Since Individual Liberty is the right as individuals to discriminate, then “non-discrimination” laws that prohibit Individual (as opposed to Societal) Discrimination are actually illegitimate anti-Liberty laws. These need to be repealed, not added to.

        I believe if the NC legislature would pass such a “Liberty Restoration Act”, they could then safely repeal HB2. But until they do, HB2 must not be compromised or repealed. Please contact your NC legislators.

  3. Well then we need to firm their backbone with assistance. I have received Planned Parenthood, Anti HB2, pro Cooper, the Dem state candidate and anti environmental door knockers and mail ads against my reps in each of the last 3 weeks. About 2 weeks ago I got an anti abortion non political door knocking piece, and heard Trump people were in town but saw nothing. We seem to have a lot of sticks available for our candidates and are plum out of carrots.

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