Breitbart / Gravis Poll: Tight races for Burr, Trump in NC

This one is of 694 voters across North Carolina. It was conducted on Sept. 23 and has a margin of error of +-3.7 percent.  Here we go: 

  • Obama approval:  This sucker is EVENLY SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE.  Of the O-fans, only 37% say they “strongly approve.” Of the O-haters, 42% say they “strongly disapprove.”poll-results4
  • Direction of Country: Only 57% say the country is headed in the “wrong direction.”  25% said “right direction” and 13% said “don’t know.”
  • The economy: 63% said the economy is working “well” or “okay” for them and their families.
  • McCrory approval:  The governor has a 48% approval rate and 50% disapproval.  His fans are split pretty evenly with 25% saying strongly approve and 23% saying “somewhat.”
  • Presidential approval:  Clinton has 43% approval while Trump has 38%.  Both have “strongly unfavorable” ratings above 50%.
  • Senate approval:  Richard Burr has 27% favorable and 51% unfavorable.  22%  say they “don’t know.”   Deborah Ross has 30% favorable and 34% unfavorable.  36% say they “don’t know.”
  • Presidential vote: Clinton leads 44-43 in North Carolina.  Johnson takes 7% and Unsure has 5%.  
  • Senate vote: Burr leads Ross 48-39 with 13% Unsure.  (Remember, Unsure is bigger than the margin separating those two.)
  • The southern border:  50% of respondents were “very concerned” about controlling the border with Mexico.  Another 18% were “somewhat concerned.”
  • The wall: Voters were split on the border wall proposed by Trump, 44-43 in favor.
  • Temporary ban on all Muslims: Repondents said NO by a margin of 45-44.