Blood on their hands: More on Bert & Ernie’s smear of Civitas, Triad Conservative

Rob Schofield used info from the Southern Poverty Law Center as a central argument in his smear to take down The Carolina Plott Hound.  

We already told you about SPLC’s role in influencing the 2012 workplace shooting at the DC offices of the Family Research Council.    The Family Research Council is an evangelical Christian “family values” lobbying group.  Their leader is close friends with Charlotte pastor, and congressional candidate, Mark Harris.

(SPLC is STILL listing FRC as a “hate group,” by the way.)

Did you know that SPLC also heavily influenced the kook who shot up the congressional GOP baseball practice?

Rob attacked Triad Conservative over their use of sources.  But Rob has extensively cited The Southern Poverty Law Center — a group which has at least two recent instances of BLOOD ON ITS HANDS.

1 thought on “Blood on their hands: More on Bert & Ernie’s smear of Civitas, Triad Conservative

  1. You can’t expect much from the Locke Foundation. It is solidly in the establishment camp. Don’t rock any boats. Especially the ones that make waves in the establishment pond.
    Locke bills itself as a “Conservative Think Tank.” Reminds me of one of the great Three Stooges routines;Moe ask Curly to think about a problem,Curly’s response is classic and sums up the Locke Foundation and most Think Tanks I have come across,”I’m thinking,but nothing is happening!”
    In this case something only happens when they feel a wave and their boat begins to rock.

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