Gender quotas for guest speakers

Here’s reason #798 that I do not donate a single dime to my alma mater:

George Washington University’s International Affairs school has introduced a gender quota to ensure that no guest speaker panels are exclusively male.

A new policy, established by Elliot School of International Affairs Dean Reuben Brigety on July 1, requires that all multi-speaker events with at least three speakers feature at least one female panelist. If all panelists are male, the moderator must be female. The event could be canceled by the administrators if these conditions are not met.

“For any panel, symposium, or multi-speaker event (3 or more speakers) held at the Elliott School, there should be no single-gender discussion panels,” Elliott School Dean Reuben Brigety wrote in an email.

“If a panel consists of a single-gender [sic], please ensure that the moderator is of a different gender,” said Brigety, adding: “Non-adherence to this policy could result in cancellation of the event.”

George Washington Law School Professor John Banzhaf, who isn’t affected directly by the policy, claims that the new rule “flies in the face of academic freedom – including clear explanations and robust discussions of important topics by those most qualified in various areas – as well as GWU’s strong equal opportunity policy statement which restricts discrimination based upon sex as well as many other factors,” he said.

“Even if there is absolutely no sex discrimination whatsoever, and people are assigned to panels completely by chance, there will still be many panels which will be all-male (and therefore subject to being prohibited), just as there will be some all female panels,” he added.[…]

So, the quality of the information disseminated is secondary to the speakers’ biology ????

Inanity like this can all be traced back to leftist doctrine that all “oppressed” identity groups — blacks, gays, women, etc. — MUST think alike and toe the same line as Jesse Jackson or Gloria Steinem.

Black Republicans get hit all the time with slurs like “house negro” and “Uncle Tom.”  Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas STILL has his intelligence and his “blackness” questioned because he doesn’t swoon over the preaching of Bill Barber and Al Sharpton.

In 1984, it was considered GREAT that Geraldine Ferraro was the vice presidential nominee.  Yet, in 2008, Sarah Palin was a token — an insult to women everywhere.  Here’s one brain-dead leftist blogger blasting Palin’s “anti-woman” agenda. (Seriously?) 

News flash:  ALL MEN do not think exactly like me.  (And I am honestly surprised at the large number of women following this blog who DO.) 

Neither your chromosomes, your reproductive organs, nor your skin pigmentation have ANYTHING to do with how you view the issues of the day.  And it’s absolutely ignorant to suggest that any of it DOES.

Instead of focusing so much on skin color, sexual preference and gender, why not work on getting more ideological diversity into the debates and discussion on college campuses?