Roy & his boys: Hittin’ rock bottom

There’s all kinds of national news about how the Democrats are in trouble. North Carolina Democrats — with their bloodthirsty crusade against 100 year old statues and attempts to refight one of the bloodiest eras in our nation’s history — are really hammering that notion home.

Roy Cooper wants some Capitol area statues moved out to Johnston County. (Phil Berger — the man who REALLY runs things in Raleigh, says “NOPE.”) Attorney General Josh Stein is also mouthing some weasel-words against the statues. Never mind that he VOTED FOR the law meant to keep leftist hooligans from toppling statues left and right in town squares from Murphy to Manteo.

Why IS this sooooooo important right now?  Why was it not a crisis during FOUR Jim Hunt administrations, TWO Mike Easley administrations, ONE Bev Perdue administration, and SIXTEEN YEARS of attorney general Roy Cooper?

(We will not be holding our breath waiting for the worthless, lazy remnants of the driveby media to take a break from their silly NCGA-FUBAR toy in the press room to ask serious questions like this.) 

This is important NOW because the Democrats have nothing else.  Nade. Republican tax cuts are working at the state level.  The Donald has the nation jazzed from DC.

The leftist agenda works best when people are miserable and made to believe things are in the toilet.  It’s hard to pull that off right now. But they’re trying. 

Tearing down some statues is not going to put people back to work.  It won’t do a thing about the monstrous amount of debt we are saddling our grandchildren and great-great-great-great grands with. 

History is meant to be learned from.  Not selectively edited or made politically correct.

16 thoughts on “Roy & his boys: Hittin’ rock bottom

  1. I think the following quote is appropiate: “if you are going to fight, fight like you are the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Arc”

    Browny Douglas.

  2. Roy ”Taliban” Cooper is on his jihad against historic monuments, with his little leftist poodle Josh Stein by his side, to take the attention away from other things he is doing that he does not want North Carolinians to find out about, and the Dishonest Democrat Media is not going to tell us.

    One is that Roy “Taliban” Cooper has just signed North Carolina up for the Paris Climate Accords in his first act of foreign policy, together with 14 Democrat run states. President Trump pulled us out because that rotten Obama deal required the US to transfer $100 Billion per year to Third World countries, and put very strict regulations on US businesses that did not apply to China, India or a lot of other places.. How exactly does “Taliban” Cooper plan to impose this burden on North Carolinians? I can see why he would rather tilt at statues that have to talk about THAT.

  3. The Republicans had better stop this and all attempts to move or take down Confederate monuments. If they do not, many straight Republican voters will sit home next election. They must stand up to the jackals of the politically correct Taliban

  4. If we are going to be moving things, what I would suggest moving are Comrade Cooper’s office and living quarters to some place more in keeping with his extreme left political ideology, perhaps Venezuela, Zimbabwe, or North Korea.

  5. When the democrats have absolutely no idea how to turn the country away from the cliff they have steered us,their great idea now is to re litigate the Civil War that was ended over 150 yrs ago. Create as much chaos as possible and if the country burns to the ground at least the opposition will have lost. When that runs its course they will come up with something else,as Roseanne Roseanne Adana said,”It’s always something.”
    The real problem is, it appears the middle class and if polls are correct,83% of republicans support President Trump, and the so called intelligentsia a majority of conservative think tanks either do not or are ambivalent, and are out of touch with the party and middle class. The polls also show the leaders of the GOP in Congress are well below 20% in approval as well as Congress. To say the so called leaders are out of touch would be giving them to much credit. The continued resistance to President Trump’s agenda in my opinion will result in a major upheaval in 2018. Those that run on supporting his agenda will win and those that run against it will lose. I also predict that there will be no bill that results in tax relief. Or if there is one it will be so weak as to be virtually worthless in creating meaningful economic growth. McConnell and Ryan are the leaders of the GOP who are invested in seeing that President trump does not succeed.

  6. Cooper has simply gone insane and taken leave of his senses. I can’t believe he would even suggest such action. Why isn’t the UDC (United Daughters of the Confederacy) who put up these monuments out marching in the streets? The UDC should be calling for Cooper’s head!

    1. Well, I’m no expert on the UDC but my observation of what they did to McCrory over his Confederate flag comments is that those ladies don’t call for heads, they collect them. McCrory lost counties he should have won that have UDC chapters but don’t have anti-toll roaders or commercial fisherfolk.

  7. Statues must remain! We have family members that fought in the Civil War to remove Northern Carpetbaggers from taking Southern Folks money, Resources, and Killing Southern Folks! North wanted the money made in the South. Slaves returned to the South and left the North treated better by the South.

  8. Let’s get to the bottom of what is going on here. Roy Cooper’s gambit is that he thinks he can use this “issue” to increase the black vote for the 2018. He is willing to throw NC’s history and heritage under the bus long term for an attempt at a very short term political gain. He is the most cynical and obnoxious type of politician imaginable. There was a term for such politicians during the Reconstruction period. The term was a “scalawag” – a southerner who pandered to yankees. Roy Cooper is a 21st century scalawag.

    And the funny thing is that it is unlikely to even give him the short term political gain he seeks. Polling for public TV showed that a plurality of blacks and heavy majorities of independents and moderates think that the Confederate statues should stay. Scalawag Cooper is just playing to the radical fringe.Even in the northeastern US, a slight majority thought the Confederate statues should stay. Roy Cooper is farther to the left than Massachusetts.

    Cynical self-seeking politicians like Roy Scalawag Cooper are a disgrace to our state and our forefathers.

    1. Would you want to have Soros sic his Antifa and BLM thugs on you? Soros needs to be indicted as a terrorist. He has already been convicted in Russia of economic terrorism.

      Maybe they could take reenactors in uniform with fixed bayonets as security.

    2. Well, they would be branded as “white supremacists” and “fascists” which would then bring out the paid thugs with masks. Once that happens we know there will be violence against them and we know Coop would do like they did in Va. and call the police back so that the UDC could be assaulted in a heinous manner.

  9. John—great idea. Send the re-enactors along with the UDC ladies and totally surround the capitol. Protect those monuments!

  10. A salute to Sen Berger is in order for his rigid stand against the Governor and Soros Obama army.

    Browny Douglas

  11. Very sad, but the worst and most radical member of the NC Historical Commission is Valerie Johnson appointed by, yes, you guessed it, Pat McCroy.

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