Roy & his boys: Hittin’ rock bottom

There’s all kinds of national news about how the Democrats are in trouble. North Carolina Democrats — with their bloodthirsty crusade against 100 year old statues and attempts to refight one of the bloodiest eras in our nation’s history — are really hammering that notion home.

Roy Cooper wants some Capitol area statues moved out to Johnston County. (Phil Berger — the man who REALLY runs things in Raleigh, says “NOPE.”) Attorney General Josh Stein is also mouthing some weasel-words against the statues. Never mind that he VOTED FOR the law meant to keep leftist hooligans from toppling statues left and right in town squares from Murphy to Manteo.

Why IS this sooooooo important right now?  Why was it not a crisis during FOUR Jim Hunt administrations, TWO Mike Easley administrations, ONE Bev Perdue administration, and SIXTEEN YEARS of attorney general Roy Cooper?

(We will not be holding our breath waiting for the worthless, lazy remnants of the driveby media to take a break from their silly NCGA-FUBAR toy in the press room to ask serious questions like this.) 

This is important NOW because the Democrats have nothing else.  Nade. Republican tax cuts are working at the state level.  The Donald has the nation jazzed from DC.

The leftist agenda works best when people are miserable and made to believe things are in the toilet.  It’s hard to pull that off right now. But they’re trying. 

Tearing down some statues is not going to put people back to work.  It won’t do a thing about the monstrous amount of debt we are saddling our grandchildren and great-great-great-great grands with. 

History is meant to be learned from.  Not selectively edited or made politically correct.