Bishop steps out as leading critic of Omnibu$$$ spending bill

For far too long, our congress-critters from NC have sat quietly and gone along with US House leadership on many a hare-brained scheme.  We had Mark Meadows, for a short time, raising cain about RINO mischief.  The late Walter Jones joined in with him on occasion.  But those two were often quite lonely in their battles.

Dan Bishop, of NC-9, is providing some comfort for state conservatives seeking someone with the cojones to question the crap flying around in DC.  Bishop has publicized spending in the omnibus bill such as family planning to reduce human population growth where ANIMAL populations may be threatened. 

Bishop has also signed onto a House Republican letter to his Senate Republican colleagues that basically declares war on Senate RINOism and issues quite an ominous warning:

Here and Here are both pages of the letter signed by Bishop and others who look to be House Freedom Caucus members.

Here are the names of the signatories:

I sure would like to see more North Carolina names there.  Hmmm. Ted Budd is STILL a member of the House.  It’s interesting that his name is not there.

Perhaps he’s trying to avoid antagonizing his pal Thom and Thom’s pal Mitch.  He’ll be over there on the other side of The Hill with them real soon.