Big Govt. Barbie: thumbing nose at voters, winning praise from femi-nazis

mouthShe’s attacked efforts to beat back Barry Obama’s illegal amnesty moves.  She’s lectured us on the *stupidity* and futility of trying to fight ObamaCare.   She’s lobbied her own colleagues in the GOP caucus to kill consideration of a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks.  Now, she’s joined forces with Planned Parenthood to actively lobby her House colleagues against passage of The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act:




So, 2nd district, is THIS what you voted for in 2010, 2012 and 2014?  Amnesty for illegal aliens, inaction on ObamaCare, and late-term abortions? 



10 thoughts on “Big Govt. Barbie: thumbing nose at voters, winning praise from femi-nazis

  1. We need a Duncan, I mean Representative that stands “with” the people of District 2. Ellmers ain’t it. Hasn’t been it for a long, long time. D2 is a strong conservative district. Can’t we find a Duncan, I mean Conservative, to represent us in Congress? There has to be a least one Duncan, I mean person, we can all get behind and honestly support.

  2. We thought we got rid of Etheridge in 2010, but Ellmers has turned out to be just Etheridge in drag. It is time for a real change in 2016.

  3. How much is ENOUGH? What IS she thinking? How much more will she pile on to her constituents before we all say ENOUGH? Duncan’s got the backbone and intelligence to run, win and serve us superbly.

    1. Well, no. Boehner only does that against conservatives when they oppose Boehner’s caving in to Obama.

    2. Losing her committee assignments would only happen if she really did undercut House leadership. RINOs (like Boehner and co) are afraid of social issues, so Renee wins among that crowd. And that’s really all she cares about, since they’re the ones who will employ her (as a K St. lobbyist) after Jim Duncan boots her out of her current job.

  4. Were the votes in D2 switched when people voted for Aiken. It’s been done before. Some lobbyist is paying big time to make her look like the a$$ that she is.

  5. I usually stay in the background, but this Ellmers has to be
    replaced in 2016. Time to start now and find a replacement
    that we know will vote conservative. I don’t live in her
    district, but I will travel there and help in any way I can to
    replace Miss Judas. When her district finds out what she
    has done, I believe this can be done especially if we have
    someone creditable to take her place.

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