Bev’s tax “deal” really 3-card monte scam taking NC taxpayers for a ride

Gov. Bev Perdue and GOP agree on gas tax

—  Raleigh News & Observer headline, May 11 2012

So,  Lame Duck Bev’s steno pool in the N&O newsroom want us to believe that their girl is playing nice with GOP legislators on Jones Street on capping the gas tax.  She’s seen the light on tax cuts.

 BUT — if you read deep into the story, you see that the gas tax is getting capped at 37.5 cents (down from 38.9).  WOO-HOO.  But Bev’s budget proposal calls for a sales tax increase — basically nullifying any savings for consumers with the gas tax cap.  We’ll still have a much higher gas tax than any of our neighbors in the region, and we’ll be paying even more for other stuff.  What a swell deal. 

Are GOP leaders on Jones Street really buying into this?  Is THIS what we elected them to do in 2010? HELL NO.  We demanded deep spending cuts and tax cuts, and debt reduction.  We demanded smaller government that gets off our backs and out of our way.

If the NCGOP is buying into Bev’s black magic, we need to light the torches, grab our pitchforks and head over to Jones Street.

You guys HAVE the numbers in both chambers.  Why are you trying to make a deal with her?  She is a wildly unpopular lame duck.  Run over her and ram deeper tax cuts down her throat.  Treat her like the folks on her side of the aisle treated Jim Martin and Jim Gardner.