Attacking others’ success to distract from Barry-O’s failures


Has anyone else noticed the hard left turn of the Democrats’ rhetoric recently?  They’re panicking.  Their big government, redistributionist policies are pushing the country into a bigger, deeper economic mess. Many of the people who fell for Barry-O’s fancy footwork in 2008 are experiencing some serious buyer’s remorse.  Something has to be done, Democrat bosses are saying to themselves.  Let’s get the peasants mad at these other people.  

(So-called “black community leaders” have been doing this for years — with a lot of success — to distract the masses from focusing on the empty promises and rhetoric of said leaders. )

So, the Democrats claim to be all for helping the average working man and woman (quite a few of whom are out of work these days).  How does it help the dire situation of these unemployed people to get them angry at someone else, who they don’t know, who has been more successful?  How does getting everyone angry at those people in the country club put people back to work?  How does punishing these successful people — whose investments create jobs — fix our economy?

In Moore County, our local paper treats us weekly to a black-and-white defense of all things Obama and Leftist by Kevin Smith, who we are told “lives in Aberdeen.”

(The editors neglect to mention that he is also a prominent activist in the too-small-to-pack-a-phone-booth Moore County Democratic Party.  Of course, the paper’s owners and publishers are the same people who, for years, ran the Raleigh News & Observer.  They regularly advise and fundraise for Democrat candidates, while their reporters cover those candidates’ elections, and then get their dander up when you dare to question their objectivity.)

In his latest piece, Kevin complains that there are gosh-darn too many people getting successful in this country, and WE need to punish them. He then launches into a wholehearted defense of Barry-O’s “American Jobs Act” :

This is what we could do about it.

Last Thursday, President Obama introduced the American Jobs Act. Drawing heavily upon ideas that have enjoyed bipartisan support in years past, the $450 billion plan is two-thirds tax cuts and incentives and one-third investment in actual jobs. Included in this bill:

Cutting the payroll tax in half for small businesses, making it easier for them to hire new workers.

Cutting the payroll tax in half for workers, allowing them to put more of their paychecks back into the economy.

Okay.  Payroll taxes go toward financing medicare, medicaid and social security.  Kevin’s team likes to beat up on conservatives for wanting to cut benefits for seniors and starve them.  Cutting payroll taxes would limit the pool of revenue for financing those government programs. Do you tell grandma that you are cutting her benefits, because of this reduction in revenue, or do you just keep on with the deficit spending?  Kevin’s team has already knocked us up to $17 trillion in federal debt. (What’s another trillion among friends?):

The creation of an “Infrastructure Bank” to put people to work rebuilding our decaying infrastructure.

A $4,000 tax credit for employers who hire people who have been unemployed more than six months.

A total of $5,600 to $9,600 in tax credits for employers who hire unemployed veterans.

A total of $35 billion to keep teachers on the job and $25 billion to invest in school infrastructure.

This country needs an impactful jobs plan, and it needs it right now. That is exactly what the president delivered. Congress should not hesitate to, as Obama put it, “do what they were elected to do.”

An “infrastructure ban” is financed with tax revenue — government money.  With our $17 trillion debt, where are we going to find the money to fill the coffers of this bank? Besides, I thought the last stimulus was supposed to fix our “crumbling infrastructure”.  Barry-O is running around talking about 153 bridges that are ready to fall down. (I wish he would tell us which ones he’s talking about.)   Road and bridgework typically goes to union workers.  The small homebuilders are the majority in the construction field who are hurting and need to get back to work.  This sounds like more repayment for the unions’ loyalty to Barry-O and the Dems.

On the issue of tax credits — As a business owner, what good will tax credits do for me when Barry-O is jacking up my income tax and other “fees”?  Hiring someone will likely be a wash or slight loss for me.  Barry-O is NOT offering me much of an incentive to take that risk and hire some new people.  (Tax credits have not done much to help North Carolina in its economic development fights with South Carolina. )

I thought the LAST stimulus was supposed to pay for school infrastructure.

The money for teachers is a pre-election gift to the teachers’ unions. This money only lasts so long.  They did this in the last stimulus.  State and local governments eagerly took the money and hired a bunch of new school employees.  Two years later — this year — the money ran out.  The local and state governments had no money to cover the cost of the continued employment of these new hires. So, we have the layoffs the Left is howling about now.

I do agree with Kevin on one point:  The Congress needs to do what they were elected to do.  The Tea Party came out in hordes during the 2010 campaign, demanding smaller government and lower taxes in Washington.  Tea Party candidates won big all over the country preaching that message.  The people spoke loud and clear in 2010.  Congress needs to listen to that message and run with it.