Anti-vote fraud activists double down, seek special prosecutor for cases Burr-Tillis US atty pick WON’T TOUCH

These guys are taking the route the NCGOP should have while Roy Cooper ignored his job responsibilities between 2012 and 2016

Today, the Voter Integrity Project called on the Trump Administration to withdraw one of their nominations for US Attorney as the group cited NCGS §163-278.28 in petitioning the Mecklenburg County Superior Court to appoint a special prosecutor for two confirmed cases of vote fraud that District Attorney, Andrew Murray, has refused to prosecute.

“We took this action because Mr. Murray refused to prosecute interstate double voters that we investigated and that the State Board of Elections referred to him for criminal prosecution,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of the Voter Integrity Project, “but he said he was too busy to bother with such low-level crimes.”

As a Class I felony, stealing elections in North Carolina falls below the Class H felony of stealing pine straw (as VIP  explained, on April 1, 2016). The maximum penalty for a first-time vote fraud offender does not include active jail time. Pasco Parker, VIP’s first convicted case, received a two-year probation after voting in three states (Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina) for the 2016 general election.

If President Trump is serious about fighting vote fraud, then he should withdraw Andrew Murray’s nomination for US Attorney,” said DeLancy. “Murray didn’t prosecute interstate double voting as the DA, so his being US Attorney would be a disaster.”[…] 

As a cherry on top of this sundae, we’ve learned that Murray -a registered Republican – is advocating that a Democrat replace him if he is confirmed to the federal post.   Sources on the ground in Mecklenburg’s legal community tell me Murray has had a reputation for years of backing Democrat candidates for local judicial posts and other local offices.

4 thoughts on “Anti-vote fraud activists double down, seek special prosecutor for cases Burr-Tillis US atty pick WON’T TOUCH

  1. A resolution on this subject should be brought up at the upcoming NCGOP state executive committee meeting. next month.

    Let’s stop this bad appointment.

    1. Good luck with that. It will be blocked at every turn. Chair will make sure there’s no time even if it makes it on to the agenda.

  2. We no longer live in a country where there are consequences for breaking the law…once you understand that, you are free to break any law, any law.

    There was a time when a good person was easily differentiated from a bad person because the good person would use the rule of law to counter injustices done against them or others, where a bad person completely ignored the rule of law. Since consequences for breaking laws are a thing of the past, we can finally live!

    This is no minor transition for those of us who have always followed the rules, but a great reset to liberty, provided by the likes of the rule breakers!

  3. Repeal the 17th Amendment!
    Put selection (and replacement!!) of US Senators back in the hands of state legislatures.

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