A primary for EVERYBODY.

Yep.  THAT is what Steve Bannon and his team appear to be hinting for all US Senate Republicans (except Ted Cruz).   Here’s the Breitbart chief and former presidential counselor:

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon declared war on the “establishment, globalist clique” on Capitol Hill, vowing to primary every lawmaker who does not support the pro-American worker economic nationalist agenda that got President Donald Trump elected.

On Fox News’ Hannity, the Breitbart News executive chairman blasted Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who told the New York Times that most Senators think the White House is an “adult day care center.”

“This is what they think about President Trump behind closed doors,” Bannon said. “It’s totally unacceptable”

Bannon said that Corker “is an absolute disgrace” and he should “resign immediately” and allow a real conservative like Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) to be appointed if he has “any honor, any decency.” Bannon said Corker decided to resign “because he saw what happened in Alabama” and egged Corker to get back in the race “because he’s going to get crushed in a primary.”

“He doesn’t have the guts to get back in the race, “Bannon added.

Bannon cited a Washington Post report that mentioned that just two or three Senators actually have Trump’s back. He said that is precisely why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the “entire establishment, globalist clique on Capitol Hill have to go.”

“They have total contempt for the forgotten man,” Bannon said of the establishment. “They have total contempt for the base.”

Bannon said in the Alabama GOP Senate runoff between D.C. establishment Senator Luther Strange and conservative grassrots candidate Roy Moore, “you saw what the base thought of [the establishment.”

“The base crushed them,” he said, reiterating that establishment lawmakers “have no respect for the working men and women in the United States.”


Bannon told Hannity that when he left the White House, he vowed to go after the establishment. And he revealed that there is a “coalition that’s going to challenge” every incumbent Senator except for Ted Cruz.

“Nobody’s safe,” he said. “We’re coming after all of them and we’re going to win.”


Bannon has the resources to get this done.  He has the deep, deep, deep pockets of these people behind him.

There has already been a “kill” in Alabama.  Candidates (HERE and HERE) are already surfacing in Wyoming for 2018. Here’s Arizona.  Efforts are also underway in Nevada, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Utah, and Montana. 

Gee.  This might be fun. 

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  1. Let’s hope this happens. I am reminded of Animal House when I look at the GOP in Congress….fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.

  2. Several primaries for Senate seats from conservatives already seem to be in the works.

    Former State Senator Kelli Ward is challenging Sen. Jeff Flake, whose last name fits him to a T, in Arizona.

    Polls showed establishment liberal Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee losing to a more conservative primary challenger, so he announced he was not running again. There are several conservatives in various stages of getting into that race. Conservatives need to settle on one candidate.

    Conservative State Senator Chris McDaniel is considering a primary challenge to establishment Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker.

    A conservative, Roy Moore, just trounced a McConnell backed establishment incumbent in the special primary in Alabama.

    There are candidates backed by the Senate Conservatives Fund already in the races for vulnerable Democrat held Senate seats in Montana and Ohio.

  3. Whew!

    1. John Barrasso of Wyoming is both conservative and popular at home, so of course Steve Bannon wants to go to war with him. Good luck running either Erik Prince or 77-year old Foster Friess against him. Huge waste of time and money.

    2. In New York, Bannon is getting behind felon Michael Grimm, who had to resign his seat in disgrace and head to jail for a few years. Sounds like a great choice to “drain the swamp” to me.

    3. Yet the Daily Haymaker thins “gee, this might be fun.” What a bizarre sense of humor you have….

    1. New York is probably a hopeless case, like California. We should not waste money on either state in US Senate races. The money it would take to fund a statewide race there would pay for four or five or more races in other, more winnable states. Maybe the appropriate game there is to tie up Democrat money without wasting any of our sides own money.

      Barrasso is probably the second most acceptable incumbent of the 8 GOPers up this time, behind Ted Cruz, with Deb Fischer probably next. But Barrasso could still stub his toe on a major issue like amnesty for illegal aliens that could sink him.

      Among the other five, Corker has already given up the ghost, leaving four. Flake, Hatch, and Wicker should be the top targets, as all are in conservative states. They were all conservatives when first elected but have gone over to the dark side. There has been speculation about Hatch and Flake not running again. The fourth, Heller, is a disappointment but runs in a more difficult state.

      Conservatives also ought to go all out for the nomination in a number of Democrat held states which are vulnerable.

  4. Okay, so who out there is going to primary Thom Tillis, open borders globalist extraordinaire? Is there anyone out there with a succinct populist message, who can take this corruptocrat to task, defeat him and then go on to win it all? Meadows? Duncan? Pantano? Anyone?

    So tragic that our bench is oh so woefully weak…speaks volumes about the clowns in Raleigh.

    1. Tillis does not come up until 2020, and then there is the question of what he wants to run for – Senate, Governor, President, or a cushy job as a lobbyist on K Street. We cannot do anything about the last one, but if he tries for any of the other three, conservatives need to gear up to stop him. Tillis is very, very bad news.

      1. I do NOT plan to EVER vote for Burr or Tillis again no matter what!!!

        I’d LOVE an opportunity to vote for a truly conservative senator!!!

  5. I think it was April of 2013 on a State wide conference call that then Speaker Tillis responded to me, ” politically the Republicans can afford to lose a couple of seats and hold on to the majority.” I have never forgotten that and doubt I ever will.

    Browny Douglas

  6. These are fertile fishing grounds. Of the 34 Senators up for election only 8 are Democrats. Many states with RINO senators went for Trump. I we work hard we could gain up to 8 Senate seats in 2018.

    Burr and Tillis should resign so “anyone else” could be appointed. “Anyone else” could do a better job than they are doing.

  7. We need to do the same on the state level, but more targeted. Conservatives need to primary every legislator who 1) voted to repeal HB2 and 2) voted for the renewable energy special interest ripoff bill.

    Throw the rascls OUT!

  8. “They have total contempt for the base.” – Bannon
    That translates to they may care about ALL Americans, not just white males.

    1. Hmmm! It seems that anti-white racism is now ”politically correct” for you lefties.

      The base is those who believe in things like limited government, lower taxes, less regulation and free speech, and that encompasses a lot more than white males.

  9. NC has only House members up in federal elections in 2018. Who should get the primaries? I would say all except Mark Meadows and Walter Jones. It looks like Pittenger already has a primary opponent to his right, which he richly deserves. Pittenger is pro-amnesty and bad on a lot of other issues, too.

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