#Amnesty: ”unaccompanied children” continue to be relocated to Carolinas

crowdIt’s fallen off the radar in the drive-by media, but the relocation of “unaccompanied children” border-crashers from Latin America is still going strong. The US Department of Health and Human Services’s Office of Refugee Resettlement reports that — from October 2013 to September 2014 — North Carolina got 2064 of these little darlings.  For that same time period, South Carolina got 588 of them.

From October 2014 to February 15, North Carolina got an additional 222 while South Carolina got 90.

In July 2014, the number of little darlings relocated to the Tar Heel State was just under 1200.  South Carolina — at that time — had only received 350.

Durham, Wake and Mecklenburg counties were the big, um, “winners” in the relocation game last year.  From October 2014 to February 2015, Mecklenburg gained an additional 59 little darlings from south of the border. 

12 thoughts on “#Amnesty: ”unaccompanied children” continue to be relocated to Carolinas

  1. We have to remember that while the Obama regime likes to call them ”children”, most of these border crashers are teenagers, prime age for criminal gangs. The Obama regime does not really look to see if they are gang members, and even when they find out, they do not deport them, but just send them to places in the interior like North Carolina. And some who claim to be teenagers to get in actually appear to be older.

    North Carolina needs to do more to push back against being an Obama dumping ground for these ”little darlings”.

    1. And now Obama is planning on flying in children and other family members from Central America to join the tens of millions being granted executive amnesty or already here in some form of legal status.

      He’s conducting his own child and family smuggling operation right out in the open, and is flouting it.

      A big thank you to Renee Ellmers, John Boehner, and the other supposed representatives, wholly-owned by the Chamber of Commerce, who’ve sold Americans down the river and refused to shut down this illegal amnesty and refugee resettlement scam by blocking its funding.

      YOU OWN IT.

    2. They also like to call them ” dreamers”. I’d like to ask, do terrorists dream? Do you really believe all dreams are good? What other unrealistic and imaginary notions do you foster? Truth is, legal citizens have dreams, too, and they are threatened by the dream of flooding our country with illegal undocumented future democrat voters.

  2. I think quite a few also arrived in Forsyth County. I substitute at a high school and 40% of the population is Hispanic,some speak good English but quite a few are still in the English as a Second Language Program. I met one that had just arrived from south of the border as a new student in February. He seemed very aloof for someone new being around many of his ethnic origin. He was wearing clothes that had a middle school name on it even though he had never attended the school. Very strange and don’t expect Raleigh to do a thing about it.

  3. Prelude to Phase II, which will consist of thousands of un-vetted Muslim ‘refugees’ from Syrian and nearby. Obama’s open borders policy makes way for the Caliphate to establish its ‘foot print’ in America, while serving up automatic welfare, Obamacare, etc.. Watch for distribution of Muslim ‘refugees’ to select ‘swing’ districts in time to launder their votes into the Democrat tally during the 2016 elections.

    1. It boggles the mind that we have GOP ”leaders” in DC who are MIA while all of this is going on, and worse, funding Obama’s transgressions. It looks like we need to clone Ted Cruz and Walter Jones.

  4. Now our legislature wants to give all of them drivers licenses. We have been invaded and we lost. Time for some fighting back. We know our sheriffs aren’t going to protect us

    1. Any Republican fool enough to vote to give illegal aliens drivers licenses will likely have it come around to bite them in the rear end at the next primary. A few may be stupid enough to do that, but I suspect most have better political savvy than that.

  5. The solution is to remove the undocumented, illegal alien, usurper from our White House!
    Barry Sortoro, aka Barack Obama, has no legal US documents to prove who he is, or where he was born!
    All that needs to be done is perform a legal discovery in the House Judiciary Committee under Robert Goodlatte. Sheriff Arpaio has all the evidence. Soetoro has nothing to present!
    Once Soetoro is exposed a group of Sheriffs will go to the White House arrest, handcuff and jail or deport the common criminal.
    When Soetoro is removed we will nullify all he has tried to do including the two Supreme Court appointees! Boehner will be interim president.
    Since Soetoro is not a US citizen he is not only a usurper, he must be considered a spy!

  6. You all might also take a swipe at the Catholic Bishops of Charlotte and Raleigh. They have never seen an immigrant they didn’t like. “More is better”seems to be their motto. No such thing as an “illegal” in their books. The National Council of Catholic Bishops says immigration is “good” so our bishops comply. Think the fewer numbers in SC are due to a more conservative Bishop there, as well as state officials who do what they promised when they were elected. God help us . Between the Dems, the RINOS and the Bishops we are innudated.

    1. Immigrants are those who come lawfully through the immigration process. The border crashers and fence jumpers are defined in the law as ”illegal aliens”.

      Illegal aliens need to be rounded up and expelled from the country. Anything else just encourages more to come.

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