(NC-02) Americans for a Conservative Direction: Putting Lipstick on a Pig

download (57)People are talking about all of those ads promoting Renee Ellmers hitting the airwaves in the Second District from something called Americans for a Conservative Direction.  I don’t believe I’ve ever heard so many lies packed into a 30 second time period.  It’s an impressive feat.  In fact, you can click here to hear from the Ellmers campaign consultant who helped craft this ad. 

“A Conservative Fighter.”  Really?  When?  Here she is, just five months into her first term, haughtily selling out her Tea Party supporters on the debt ceiling.  And then there was the vote to reauthorize the boondoggle known as the Ex-Im Bank.  Then there was the time she ridiculed and fought Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund ObamaCare.   Oh, yeah.  She’s fighting conservatives.  Not fighting for conservative principles. I get it. 

“Fighting to Cut the Debt.” Really?  Was that what she was doing when she voted multiple times to go along with raising the debt ceiling, and then questioned our intelligence for daring to question those votes?  Hmmm.  Maybe this was another typo.  Maybe they meant that she’s “fighting efforts to cut the debt.”

“Stop the wasteful spending in Washington.”  Really?  I don’t think so.  I think they’ve got her confused with somebody else here.

“Working hard to secure the border and fix our broken immigration system.” Any time you hear that pigsomeone is doing that, it should be taken as code for fully supporting the amnesty proposals Obama and the Democrats and the McConnell-Boehner Republicans are trying to shove down our throats.  Americans for a Conservative Direction is a front group for the Mark Zuckerberg-led Super PAC trying to get amnesty legislation passed.  Zuckerberg is the billionaire liberal head of Facebook leading a coterie of other wealthy Silicon Valley lefties trying to cram statist stuff like this down our gullets.

Yep. Renee is such a fan of securing the border that she screamed like a lunatic and rained holy hell down upon a delegation of constituents trying to persuade her to secure the border and abandon amnesty. 

Of course, there was also that *eloquent* performance by Lady Renee on the Laura Ingraham radio show. I’d say most of the wording in the ad script is better suited to describe Frank Roche.

I’m not buying what Americans for a Conservative Direction is selling.  And neither should you.


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  1. I’m still amazed that people pay attention to TV ads…. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum… isnt it pretty standard knowledge that they’re essentially only empty bumper stickers… no substance, no accountability, no “real” at all. Of “course” it’s all false and smoke….

    Tv/radio ads should be dismissed by default. The only point I can see is perhaps to up name recognition, and then the sane response is “Oh, there’s a name… I should go find out more real information about him/her”).

    (Also… with the advent of DVRs, I have to wonder about the reach and effectiveness of these things nowadays. Do they still hit enough eyeballs with enough impact to matter? The only ads I see are run at 3x speed as I’m hitting the FF button. )

    – oh yeah… and “lipstick on a pig” is the appropriate analogy *tips cap*

  2. Renee Ellmers said, “You don’t have any damned facts.”

    Well, here’s a FACT:

    Despite claiming twice in the Americans for a Conservative Direction radio ad that she is “working hard to secure the border ….” she has not co-sponsored a single border security or immigration enforcement bill in this Congress.

    Very telling.

    1. and a 55% for the latest session with a 63% cumulative career score in The New American Freedom Index that uses spending votes and constitutional authorization as the benchmark with which to rate all the Congress and the Senate. http://www.thenewamerican.com/freedomindex/profile.php?id=E000291

      You are 100% right that 58% is not conservative or constitutional nor is 55, 63 or even 67%.

      These are the so-called moderates who vote against the Constitution and people nearly half the time. These are the neo-cons who walk lock step with the GOP leadership and the insiders who control them like Rove, etc.

  3. I expect my rep. David Price to vote like a lifetime radical leftist so last Friday I called Ms. Ellmers D.C. office to get a “quotable” comment about her positions on conditional amnesty, debt ceiling, and not fighting the ACA. The first staffer asked who I was “with” ? I said I’m just an American citizen and I wanted a statement to use on Raleigh talk radio. “Christy” asked why I wanted to stir the pot and that I shouldn’t be listening to biased talk radio and proceeded to recite the ad that’s currently running, and then hung up. I called back and “Claire or Blair” put me through to “Adam” who handles Immigration & ACA questions. I asked him if the article in the Daily Caller by Neil Munro 01/27/2014 is true. He said it’s “factually incorrect.” I said,”you mean Munro is lying?” He said “it’s factually incorrect.” I said that the “people” interpret factually incorrect as a lie. He proceeded to say that he can’t understand why the people can’t comprehend her positions on issues. I said,”you mean all the stupid people who pay your salaries?” He said he pays taxes. I asked him to look where his check comes from and that the private sector is paying Ellmers and all your salaries. I wanted an answer about why she isn’t stopping the H1B visas that are stealing higher paying jobs including teachers and nurses. He said,” aren’t you aware we have a 50,000 nurses shortage?” I said of course and if Ellmers would stop voting for failed gov’t programs and pay nurses more you’d get every American nurse who retired early back in the field. He downplayed her Tweet bashing heritage.
    Like a progressive she surfaces to bash conservatives for fighting against the ACA, and amnesty. The middle east is on fire, Israel is alone, Putin won and is sending ships to Latin America as Obama is killing Tomahawk & Hellfire Missiles, Iran stronger, our military downsizing, and she’s taking more taxpayer dollars to throw at a women’s museum? How can you sustain a nation by adding 30 million? Our hospitals, schools, jobs? Please 2nd district primary her out.

  4. ”Americans for a Conservative Direction” is a false front organization. It is run by Obama bundler and liberal activist Mark Zuckerburg, and is funded by liberals. It was started to run ads promoting the Gang of 8 amnesty bill for illegal aliens, and has now turned to supporting pro-amnesty politicians like Ellmers. They are a fraud and Ellmers is a fraud.

    Conservatives need to redouble their efforts for Frank Roche, and the alternative if he is not successful could well be a write-in anti-amnesty candidate.

    1. Excellent! Two expressions that we should always ask is “Cui Bono” (who benefits) and “Follow the money.”

      The one who benefits is generally the one pushing for what ever it is being pushed and generally if you follow the money it leads to that person, group, or entity.

      It’s no different with the current con-con push, the convention or states, the Article V, or what every they’re selling it as. Cui Bono – who benefits, and where is the money coming from?

      Frank Roche and Greg Brannon – let’s get two liberals (one D, one R) out of office and put some people in that understand that the government that is limited the most is also the government that governs best!

  5. We need a social media outlet for true conservatives. I must cancel my Facebook account ASAP. The company will be added to my boycott list.

  6. Unfortunately the majority of GOP voters are also “low information voters” and vote based on infomercials. Hopefully the primary voters in D2 will see past the lipstick and picture the sow that needs to go back to the farm and not back to market in DC.

  7. I don’t think the commercials are that good. People in NC are more concerned about interior enforcement than whether the border is secure. If the illegals flock to NC because businesses are not prosecuted that is a bigger problem. Ellmers would have been better off not bringing up the immigration issue. Same with Paul Ryan. The illegals are flocking to his district to work because there are no prosecutions. If the illegals are already in the country and they flock to your district that is a bigger problem than a secure border.

    “Fixing a broken immigration system” is toxic to a lot of voters who see through that.”

    “Only after this legal work status is obtained can individuals have the opportunity to begin the naturalization process – if that is their choice,” Ellmers wrote in the Observer. That’s a pathway to citizenship.

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