A slap in the face

fingaIt was a lot like what you’d expect from a Third World banana republic junta — with a little bit of Jerry Springer or Maury thrown in. 

Yes, the alleged leadership of the NCGOP met today and gave the middle finger to ethics, transparency, common decency, and the thousands upon thousands of suckers they count on for stuffing envelopes, staffing polling places, and casting votes each election.

The travails of state Rep. David Lewis and NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse have been I-Am-Weasel-i-am-weasel-477958_262_200well-documented on this site.   For months, grassroots activists have battled entrenched establishment operatives to bring some kind of judgement against these two.

Finally, today, the Woodhouse and Lewis matters were to get a hearing.  Establishment forces — led by Zann Bunn, Joyce Cotten (and her daughter Kim) — had spent weeks twisting arms and rallying legislators and other establishment figures to ride to the aid of Lewis and Woodhouse today.  Was this a dismissal of the ethical / professional transgressions committed by Lewis and Woodhouse? More likely,  this trio of ladies acted out of fear that the outside-the-beltline Tea Party crazies might actually knock out a couple members of their clique.  thom-smoking

Pro-Lewis forces had set up a hospitality suite prior to the today’s meetings for attendees — who would be later voting on Lewis’s future — to enjoy refreshments and get in a little networking and relaxation before business commenced.

Once the meeting got started, all sorts of parliamentary hijinks were put into place in order to delay consideration of the Woodhouse and Lewis measures.  Michele Nix, the party vice chairman, was removed — thanks to a motion by Lewis — from the earlier in the day central committee meeting.  In the later, larger executive committee session, the hijinks continued — resulting in the dismissal and replacement of three different meeting chairmen.

While the Lewis matter was being debated, House speaker Tim Moore strutted around the room like a bantam rooster while audience members chanted “Da-vid! Da-vid! Da-vid!”

Remember — this is a guy who is the subject of two ethics complaints filed by fellow Republicans and two shameful pay-to-play allegations published in the driveby media.  And these imbeciles are cheering him like he’s a war hero or something. 

Sources in the room tell me that the presence of so many House members was crucial to Lewis’s victory.  (Be sure to thank Cotten, Cotten-West, and Bunn the next time you see them. They were responsible for making it happen.) lewis

The total vote went 2-1 in favor of Lewis.  Sensing that Lewis owned the room, ol’ Dallas was ready for his vote.   Never mind that his fundraising is lagging far behind what he promised when he got hired.  Never mind that he has subjected the party to some really embarrassing publicity. Never mind that he’s been caught in a number of party rules violations, and may very well end up in an IRS probe related to his most-recent former employer.  None of that mattered.  Dallas is part of the clique.  He’s “family.”  (*Can’t let the “crazies” win.*)

2nd-Joyce-CottenWoodhouse won by a similar margin to Lewis’s.

And I’m suuuuuuuuuure it was just a coincidence that the solar crowd dumped a whole lot of campaign checks on some GOP “honorables” while this was going on.

Today was a travesty.  The GOP stood for decades as the people’s voice in opposing corruption and sleaze in Raleigh.  Now in charge, they’ve become what they spent decades protesting.

We have an opportunity to teach these people a lesson in the March primaries.  The arrogance of this crowd is out of control.  The ONLY thing they will understand — learn from — is unemployment.  Knock them out of their Raleigh gigs so they have to get off our dime and go get a real job.  As long as they believe you will applaud them and chant their names — regardless of what they do — nothing is going to change. war

The two parties now have the same business model as The Mafia.  Look out for the interests of the inner circle at the expense of everyone else.  Take control of everything not nailed down. Stomp on any perceived “competition.”

It’s not about platforms and ideas. It’s not about improving the overall quality of life.  It’s about getting rich and gaining more power.  You can keep following them like sheep — mindlessly marking the name on the ballot with the R next to it, or the name you keep hearing on those TV ads — or you can get educated on the issues, wake up, smell the coffee,  and say “HELL, NO. NO MORE.” 


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    1. 3rd party nope but today shows why Trump is so high in the polls lots of the good people stopped being active in the party after meetings like this today

      1. Why is anyone surprised? Really. But, here’s the deal. If we REALLY want to get rid of these idiots, then we have to put EVERYTHING behind ONE electable, outsider, conservative candidate who is running against the Establishment. Like Tammy Covil or Jim Duncan or Larry Holmquist. Otherwise the conservative will lose–and we are stuck with crap yet again. I hope late entry/redundant candidates consider the consequences of their candidacies and do what is best for the state and country and NOT, for the love of Pete, what is best for themselves.

      2. it is EXACTLY why Trump will win. People are sick of this crap. No one represents anyone’s best interest except their own or their cronies or their capitalist cronies. The whole system sucks.

        1. Excuse me, JP why don’t you head on down to Morher Jones. They have plenty of discussions for Obama supporters. Run along.

  1. My understanding is that VC Nix (and others) was only excluded from the first Central Committee executive session after she (along with others) refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement without legal council review. She was actually chairing the meeting.
    This woman is smart.

    1. yea Mr. Haymaker might want to reword or explain this better
      “Michele Nix, the party vice chairman, was removed — thanks to a motion by Lewis — from the earlier in the day central committee meeting”
      and if this was a big deal she addressed the executive committee and could have mentioned what ever happened if it was a issue

    2. The whole central cmte voted in July or August to require a NDA from each member the they were all given them to sign . Vice Chair Nix refused at every meeting.

      She was also seen voice voting in support of Woodhouse today.

      1. Dee, your last paragraph is typical of your false rumors to smear people. It is hardly the first time you have done it on these boards.

        The Central Committee has no authority under the Plan of Organization to require signing these documents, and they are intended to try to stop those who are not part of the clique from telling others in the party some of the shananigans that go on. Muzzling Central Committee members from communicating about such party business with other Republicans amounts to paranoia and a distain of transparency. Those who voted for this crap should be ashamed of themselves.

    3. Michele Nix ROCKS. If there were a few hundred more like her, this article would never have been written.

    4. Yes she is! And thank you Michelle Nix for fighting the good fight. Don’t give up, we will win.

      1. sorry I did not see any fighting the good fight yesterday from her or the chairman since they had the attention of the room during their reports to the body and totally did not address the corruption of the Central committee to the Executive Committee that needed to know the truth that is going on inside that body

        I understand trying to play nice and make head way but the Enemies inside the Republican party are not going to play nice and fight fair so there is NO REASON at this point to build bridges with them

        at this point the grassroots need to look hard at the people elected at convention because they seem to be trying to save themselves and not this party

  2. Is the 2nd Central Committee meeting still going on?

    God Bless everyone who took their time and money to attend today, I’d be furious at losing a day for such BS.

    1. I quit attending conventions after witnessing too many occasions of it taking hours to complete the credentialing, then we’d spend another hour of ceremonial BS.

      The final straw was seeing the party delegates vote to gag themseleves and make it even more difficult to introduce amentments at the state convention in Cherokee. (As well as approve a platform that wiped away nearly all of the toughly debated amendments I’d seen in prior years.)

      Starve the beast, I say. Quit giving it money. Maybe after the party dwindles like the Federalists, something else can take its place that does not rope-a-dope the membership.

      1. Agree. #DefundTheGOP and any of the candidates that supports the further demise of the Republican Party.

  3. Requiring any Ex Comm member, Central Committee or elected official to sign a nondisclosure agreement is not in the Plan of Organization.
    Vice-Chairman Nix is correct. The PoO can always be amended but currently requiring an elected person to sign “or your privileges will be taken away” is duress.

    1. That seems kind of childish, just sign the form and lets get on with the show. Everything doesn’t have to be such a big deal.

      1. it could be a big deal depending on how it is worded and who and who not it governs

        I would say on principle any type nondisclosure agreement is anti conservative and goes against the things we fight for like Transparency, Honesty, and Accountability

        Especially with a body of elected members that work for all Republicans in this state

      2. What is childish is the abject paranoia behind those who insist on trying to muzzle Republican leaders from communicating about party business with other Republicans. Stalin would approve of their tactics.

    2. I really wish someone would get a copy of this nondisclosure agreement because I for one really want to read it

      I have many many arguments against it but I would really like to see what it details

    3. when does this group ever follow the POO. Basically they follow the POO when it fits their needs the rest of the time the POO is just that POOP.

  4. So I guess there was no mention of censuring the omnibus folks: Tillabus etc? I am absolutely committed to sending these suck weasels home especially Dick Burr and Barbie Nationally. Then you have the La Raza types like Jeff Collins, Lewis et all who voted to give illegals drivers licenses among other things.

  5. Hell, she was all for taking folks cell phones at the start of the CC meeting a few months back, that seems worse.

    Like I said God Bless all that take the time to serve, its a royal pain in the ass.

    1. I hear someone was reporting live from the meeting. That’s the reason leadership wanted them cut off.

      1. and probably where the non-disclousure form came from too…you’re talking in circles now.

        1. They wanted the cell phones cut off due to live leaks straightalker. That seems reasonable. If you can’t use them in a movie then why in a CC meeting.

          1. Yep Nix and Hasan made a big deal about cell phones. Also not in the poo. But the CC agreed the sign NDA s to keep in house strategy and personal issues.

  6. The only way to send a message is to vote incumbents out of office. We have a good slate of Primary challengers up and down the March 15th ballot, including my race for Commissioner of Agriculture.


    1. That is over simplistic. In a few cases, it is the challengers who are the bad guys. For example, the establishment is running well financed moderates who will toe the establishment line against some solid grassroots oriented conservatives like State Rep. Larry Pittman and Congressman Walter Jones. Pittman has stood up against the leadership in the NC House to defend conservative principles, and Walter Jones was one of only two NC Congressmen to come out publicly for the removal of John Boehner. Much of the problem in the US House, US Senate, and NC House is rotten GOP leadership, and we need to keep the conservatives who will help change that leadership. We do NOT need leadership flunkies.

  7. I am trying to keep up, but I am confused. For the past several days, everyone kept saying the Executive Committee is the real voice of the Party, but now you are criticizing it. Isnt it made up by the same people you were just praising? Now I wish I did go today to see for myself.

    1. It must be remembered that the Executive Committee is a body divided against itself…part Legislator, part Central Committee, and part County leaders and District Executive Committee members. The grass roots are found among the latter. Thus, the good guys on the ExComm are frequently stymied by the crooks in the legislature and their Central Committee collaborators, particularly on motions requiring a super majority. Both the Central Committee and the legislators are included in the Executive Committee by the Program of Organization, and that’s both by design, and unfortunate, because it eliminates the possibility of the Executive Committee being an instrument of oversight within the Party.

    2. The grass roots ain’t got no representation. The NDF form is closing the door on us out in the real world. I say let the bastards eat each other.

      1. That form is designed to try to prevent the party grassroots from finding out what is going on in the party. It is a shameful bit of tomfoolery. What is the clique trying to hide? What is it that they do not want us to find out?

  8. One of the highlights was when Daniel rufty looked sincerely at the delegates and said he was impartial in the matter of David Lewis. The room errupted in laughter.

    Shortly after, he was challenged in his interpretation of a rule and was overwhelmingly overturned in a vote of the delegates.

    To top that, a motion was made to replace Daniel with the parliamentarian. Daniel lost that also with another overwhelming vote.

    Bye bye Daniel, you tried!

    1. Of course, the ”impartial” teller who counted the votes and then made the editorial comment about people voting ”hell no” on impeaching Lewis also was a bit much. Did Woodhouse pick the ”impartial” tellers?

  9. I wonder why there hasn’t been a resolution of removal for Michelle Nix (aka GUWonder)? If Lewis and Woodhouse received roughly 2/3rds of the vote in support, you’d think she’d get those same 2/3rds who are tired of her divisive shenanigans.

    She obviously only has the support of a small minority of Executive Committee members while an overwhelming majority of the committee understands that destroying each other from within only leads to failure.

  10. I used to serve on the Executive Committee from 2012-2014 and boy after reading the Haymaker’s report I wish I didn’t move out of state.

    I have never met Joyce Cotten, but I have met and know Zann and Kim personally, I am shocked and VERY disappointed that both of those ladies would support the bad behavior of Lewis and Woodhouse.

    Question: Is Kim still the Chair of District 3? If she is, then she will be in for some hot water because the 3rd District is the most Conservative Tea Party friendly district in the state and she will have a lot of explaining to do to the Eastern NC crowd.

    1. Yes, KC is still DC of NC-03. Agree about how conservative NC-03 is, and those are the folks who drove the charges against Lewis in the first place. I doubt she’ll get a vote of confidence from Craven, Dare, and Beaufort Counties but I don’t know much about the rest of that district.

      The other two have borrowed a trick from the state party and have stacked their district ExComms with cronies to ensure they’ll retain absolute control over their districts.

  11. This is such good news for the progressive cause!

    David Lewis is a key progressive in the NC House, and it is Republican progressives like David Lewis who are crucial to getting President Obama’s agenda through the NC legislature. Lewis supports President Obama’s agenda in so many ways, like supporting drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants and watering down Voter ID laws with affidavits, so they do not suppress our votes, but it is his love for the polar bears and strong support of President Obama’s green energy agenda that to me is most important. He rightfully ignores the costs to taxpayers and electric ratepayers of these programs, knowing that the most important thing is to save the polar bears.

    I do not know this Joyce Cotten or Zan Bunn or Kim Cotten-West, but they all struck a major blow for the progressive cause when they worked to keep such a key progressive as David Lewis in office in the GOP.

    1. ^^^Perfectly said^^^

      Knowingly or unknowingly, the sheep in the “I hope I get a Christmas card and an award from the #Cartel” Caucus, help to continue the demise of the party that Proves it stands for nothing but fraud, cronyism, & corruption. Leading the sheep, the NCFRW.

      1. “Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have brains enough to be honest.” – Benjamin Franklin

        It seem like Benjamin might have said the same thing about the majority in the room yesterday. Its a new day and my discust still lingers but maybe the room feels the same about the people trying to be honest in the room

      1. I don’t think it is Hager, but Hager is one who follows the REPUBLICAN platform when it comes to the green energy ripoff, NOT the Democrat platform like David Lewis, Jason Saine, Nelson Dollar, Tim Moore, and some others do. And those scoundrels are not only following the Democrat platform, but they are also following the personal political agenda of Barack Obama, Al Gore, Tom Steyer, and George Soros.

        And they are screwing the NC taxpayer and electric ratepayer. Duke Power just cited the higher cost of green energy in filing for an electric rate increase. On the taxpayer front, the Locke Foundation just revealed Department of Revenue figures that show that the corporate welfare giveaway connected to some of the legislation these Obama Republican scoundrels were responsible for will be nearly a billion dollars.

  12. These gag orders, or gag agreements, just reek of flop sweat. What is going on in the Central Committee that the clique of Lewis, Cotten, Bunn, Fisher, Cotten-West, and their hangers on are afraid for the party’s elected vice chairman to talk with party officials and activists about?

    It seems to me that this is an improper method to have a continuing executive session, and a highly improper one, at that.

    Our party needs openness and transparency among our party leaders, inside and outside the central committee, not a small clique trying to play stormtroopers.

    Nothing in the PoO allows this little domineering clique to impose this requirement. Nix needs to stand her ground, stay in the meeting, and not sign that stupid agreement.

    1. And she needed to address this issue to the executive committee members during her report to the committee

      Had she and the chairman spoke up together about these issue yesturday could have gone so much better

      Seriously the members in the room passed a budget that they barely even saw that no one in the room could have understood and the majority of the people in the room seem to not care and are just trying to get out of the meeting as fast as possible while the liberals win it what should be the conservitive party in this state

    2. Serious question. How does the party do any outreach to fresh volunteers to step up and chair committees with this kind of attitude so prevalent from the CC? (And it has been this way for probably a decade).

      I literally got the impression from party leadership at the conventions that they primarily wanted our donations, with our cheers and applause for Gov/Sen nominees, and that was it.

      It certainly seems like the CC would like to just do away with the ExecComm if they could. All the ExecComm does is “meddle in their business” apparently.

      1. Why do you think the County Chairs are so incensed? They’re the ones on the ground trying to hold onto volunteers who are defecting in droves because of these crooks.

        1. Mr. Pope also said that if we wanted to know how much the party was paying him with the grassroots donations to the party that we could look at the campaign finance reports and figure it out

          How many delegates to past conventions new some chairman were getting paid and others did not

          so much for the transparency republicans fight for in government in our own state party operations


          I do not know this answer anymore….. at one time I thought every Republican would care

    3. Considering Nix has supported District 11 closing meetings for whatever purpose they choose, I find this whole scenario I tonic.

  13. Lets face it, the grassroots conservatives got out worked and out hustled on this one, and that is something that needs to change.

    Cotten was out beating the bushes to get the establishment and the go-along to get along crowd out in force, as was reported on the Haymaker. I did not hear of anyone doing that on the grassroots / conservative side. Indeed, two people I know who signed the petition itself, I did not see at this meeting. The establishment even had a hospitality room for their side. The House leadership twisted arms to get House members out in force, and each one had a vote. Not only that, but many legislators were scattered around the floor so they could influence others.

    The establishment had a floor organization and a plan. They had two point people, as has been mentioned elsewhere, National Committeewoman Ada Fisher and lobbyist Jason Deans. The grassroots / conservatives had none.

    The establishment was absolutely ruthless to win, as shown by their personal and professional threats to get the General Counsel to resign, putting their man, the Assistant General Counsel as parliamentarian. As mentioned from a leak from the Central Committee, he was a key part of the establishment game plan on the floor, and appears to have had a major role in putting that plan together. Getting the previous General Counsel out of the way was absolutely essential to their plan.

    The grassroots / conservatives were totally unorganized. There was no committee and no plan to support General Hal James and his petitions. The general was new enough to politics, that he was hoodwinked in that truncated procedure that Lewis proposed. There was not time to sufficiently flesh out the allegations of what Lewis did wrong but Lewis did not need time to give a few generalities that contradicted what he had said at the earlier meeting. No one else was allowed to comment. Since the petitioners had the burden of proof, they were completely screwed by that procedure. If others could have been able to comment, the whole story could have come out, it would have changed the math, although not necessarily enough to win.

    The organization of the grassroots effort to kick Richard Morgan out of the party was much much better run than this one, and it showed in the respective results.

    Conservatives need candidates for General Counsel and Assistance General Counsel but it will be over a year before those come up again. I learned that the new general counsel worked for David Lewis on the redistricting committee and drew the maps that gerrymandered a couple of conservatives out of the House. That would constitute a major conflict of interest in presiding over the Lewis hearing. He was simply too close to Lewis to be objective. The new Assistant General Counsel was the establishment’s candidate against Michelle Nix for vice chairman, and he is an extreme left winger. Those elections were also badly bungled by the grassroots / conservative side.

    1. Yes the grassroots was out organized. It didn’t help that the resolution to remove David Lewis was only about HB373, not all the other bills that had something “slipped in” the last minute.

      Once David Lewis said that even though he wasn’t notified of his pending impeachment but he was willing to go to a vote anyway… he was safe.

      I’m all for fixing the party, but how about working together. There’s 500 members of the exec. committee. I think a little over 200 were there and obviously a lot of electeds came out to vote for David. That should be expected.

      I honestly didn’t see any stall tactics at this meeting. What I saw was a chairman that didn’t know how to run a meeting.

      At least there was a vote, and now they know that an an agenda must include “Approval of the Agenda”

  14. “No one else was allowed to comment. Since the petitioners had the burden of proof, they were completely screwed by that procedure.”

    I was told after the meeting that every time I get up to speak I make everything worse and if that case someone else needs to get up and say something and try to right the ship

    If I really made things worse I am sorry

    but other then what 4 or 5 other people NO one else in the room on the conservative side got up and tried to help the conservative cause

    Honestly I think maybe 40% of people in the room are clueless to what is actually happening in front of them and I honesty cannot fault them for that cause many people have not been around long enough to see and understand the games being played

    All I can say is at least I tried to question Lewis I failed but I tried
    and what if I would have had a line of others behind me trying alsomaybe the process would have gone different

    yes the conservative side needs a much more organized front and for the first time in leaving a state convention I thought we might just have a chance for that with the change in leadership at the top. I am totally convinced that we need a new method and if that is conservatives on the board meeting before the meetings then it needs to happen… personally am not sure how to go about this because it is something that needs support from the others that want to make something better and not something that can be done alone

    1. I think the central failing in the structure of the party is the prevalence of manipulated elections. Every district convention I went to, we elected a chairman and then “he introduced his slate for the ExecComm”. Any additional candidates had to be on a separate slate. It’s pretty difficult to round up several people at once to be the alternate slate – and difficult as well to get the votes to completely overturn the status quo.

      This creates a huge intertia of complacency in the ExecComm when so many people in it are buddies of the district chairs. It’s also why so many of them do not show up at meetings and quorum is hard to achieve. Serving the ccommittee not really something they care that much about, because they didn’t campaign very hard to be on the ExecComm to begin with.

      1. The whole slate business is Tammany Hall politics at its worst. If our party keeps being run from the top down like this, instead of from the bottom up like it used to be, then it will continue to bleed members and interest.

      2. At our convention, not only did we have to go against the slate, we had to pick one of the chairs slate to challenge…they were already incumbents at that point….we didn’t even have a lit…we just hoped we had heard the names right…and there could only be one challenger per member of chairs slate…. They cut off nominations before people were finished nominating. In fact, there were certain people standing up to make nominations with the motion was made to close nominations-year-ol before people were finished nominating. In fact, there were certain people standing up to make nominations with the motion was made to close nominations….yelled from the floor…. At that point, they motioned to elect the slate that had not been opposed from the chair. Then, people began leaving. In fact, I counted over 20 people that headed out the back door and stood in the back. Quorum was called…and The rest of the district executive committee positions where field at the next committee meeting. It was no surprise how that went. My county of 24,000 roughly Republicans …. Has one member on the committee…while, counties such as Swain (2543) and Transylvania (7910) have at least 7 members out of our 24 members at large and one is the wife of the district chair. Out of the 31 members on our District executive committee, we have at least 4 couples….this doesn’t include those who may be spouses of county chairs or vice chairs.

        1. I love how Swain county with less than 3000 Republicans, pretty much controls our entire district and does not allow the rest of us to have any say. The same could be said for Transylvania county.

  15. We are always wanting Congress to take the vote, so that we all know who stands for what, and it gives voters ammunition for accountability. That’s why so often the tough votes never come to the floor. The cowards are too afraid.

    The silver lining in yesterday’s meeting is 1) there was a vote, 2) the lines are drawn and 3) despite all the organized chaos of the political elites, there were still 87 conservatives with the courage to say enough is enough. I’ll bet that six years ago there were only a handful with enough courage to stand up against fraud, cronyism and corruption. Everyone knows who the players are now and five people will tell five people who will tell five…

    The GOPe are in full defense mode. They’re petrified of losing. Let’s keep going Patriots, this is only the beginning.

    1. True enough, yesterday was both a defeat and a victory. It takes the energy of extreme discontent to move people to organize an effective resistance.

      But the cabal that now controls the NCGOP HQ has vulnerabilities that can be exploited now. One of the County Chairs I overheard as she walked out the door yesterday commented that we “may need to burn down the house to save it”. I intuited that she mean’t that if County organizations refuse to abide by the POO and make life difficult through non-cooperation for statewide campaigns like those of the Governor and Richard Burr, the cabal will eventually come under pressure from those politicians to make concessions. Maybe so, maybe not. But another Chair I listened to pointed out that as Thom Tillis figured out in 2014, there is no way statewide Republicans can win without winning overwhelming margins in rural counties because they sure as hell aren’t going to carry the urban counties.

    2. Don’t forget that the FBI is in town looking into pay for play corruption. If they come down like a ton of bricks on Lewis, those who supported him Saturday are going to look like idiots. The party’s best bet was to cut as many ties with Lewis as possible before that comes to a head. Ditching him as National Committeeman Saturday would have helped protect the party’s candidates from blowback in November if Lewis goes down on this rap. Those who fought against the impeachment were not looking out for the best interests of the party.

      Remember that when a former NCGOP chairman got into tax trouble with the IRS, he resigned to save the party the bad publicity (even though he finally beat the IRS at the end). He obviously had more integrity and more respect for the party than Lewis does.

  16. Silly posting. First Lewis’ hospitality suite wasn’t anything more than an island between the hallway and the kitchen and the sumptuous spread was water and cheese crackers… maybe iced tea too. Zan Bunn is a tea party meets Ron Paul individualist. Suggesting she would arm twist for anyone but herself or one of her acolytes is akin to Dennis the Menace having an overnight conversion to, in her case, a choir girl. On Nix a good lady and a solid R if everyone else in leadership is signing and she thinks it unprincipled to do so there are other avenues of leadership for a strong woman.. find it but resigns from this position. I mean that with respect.

    1. Yup, we don’t need any strong, female leaders at the NCGOP. Go somewhere else Nix, that’s better suited for strong, female, leaders. Would that be in the kitchen Peter? Asking for a friend.

      1. Really that’s what you got from my post? I stated clearly she’s a solid R, and a strong woman and I respect her. Think before responding.

    2. The hospitality suite was NOT what won it. It was just one more indicator of who was organized and who was not. And no, it was not a hotel, so it could not be that fancy.

      The primary one identified of the clique on the Central Committee who was arm twisting was Joyce Cotten, not Zan Bunn. But Zan Bunn has had her share of establishment allies from her youth politics involvement through today. Supporting liberal Obama Republican legislator David Lewis is certainly NOT a conservative move.

      Yes, you did make a very silly post.

      1. good points so don’t call it a Hospitality suite and expect to be taken seriously… and I know Ms. Cotton only by reputation and don’t know what activities she was involved in so stayed silent to that. On Mr. Lewis I was also silent so please don’t speak for me. Yes he out organized the pro impeachment crowd. Who do you expect to lead our party? The crowd who forgets an American flag for a huge and important meeting…? The one that takes an hour and half to get to approve an agenda? Here’s a suggestion. Develop alternative and competent leaders to take over, but until then remember what Rep. Speciale said… we (pointing at each other) are not the enemy Hillary Clinton and the Dems are..

        1. Should the executive committee members have any say so of their meeting agenda ?????

          When a meeting is called should not a proposed agenda be included in the meeting notice issued?????

          Should not the ex comm minutes of the meeting be detailed enough so someone not that the meeting has a clear understanding of the meeting????

          When someone resigns from a post 3 days before a meeting should a vote be taken at that meeting to replace them without proper notice to all members of the body the did not have a chance to make to the said meeting????

          When a said body has to pass a budget should not this body have proper time to review the budget before they attempt to pass it ?????

          These are not issues with this administration these issues have effected this body for at least 15 years. And have only gotten worse over time BUT THE MAJORITY NO LONGERS SEEMS TO CARE MAYBE BECAUSE THEY NEVER DID who knows

        2. Peter the Obama supporters (the establishment GOP) are the enemies! There is no difference in Dick Burr or Hillary! Have you looked at the latest omnibus. They have funded things deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Can the GOP stop the latest Obama assault on the second amendment? Hell no they have written a blank check for the whole year to your king. Get your head out of the sand!

  17. This whole week end is to set the stage for the delegates to the National Convention to be stacked so that 39 come from the district and the remaining 33 will be hand picked establishment people. This will not get a majority on the first vote and then on the second round the people are free to vote anyway they want. That means 33 votes for establishment and then about half of the one appointed by committee or district will be butt kissers and go along with the 33. Then Rubeo will be the guy. They will sell their grandmother to stop an outsider from getting in.

    1. Well, the party never has made a secret that the delegates are roughly split between grassroots and long-term-service. It was explained that way from the podium for the 2012 election.

  18. So Dallas is living it up in Charleston right now….. hanging with his cronies and the SC Governor, all expenses paid (ALL). Meanwhile our elected Chairman is paying his own way (All of it) and the Vice-Chairman will do the same (All at her expense)….. What’s wrong with this picture? Woodhouse just faced a censure Saturday and the Chair and VC were elected by the the Exec. Committee to do the work of the Party. But the Central Committee Cartel has disallowed any reimbursements for travel,…. not even gas. Not a dime of reimbursement since the June election. Message sent? How’s that for an attempt to control the Grassroots Grunts?

    1. I take it that this is an RNC meeting? Why is the ED even there? He should be in Raleigh keeping headquarters going. There is no reason for an ED to even be at such a meeting, much less having his expenses paid!

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