#ncgop: Lotsa pols for Dave. Miss Nix dissed?

monkeyReports from High Point are continuing to come in over the transom.  Item 1: Sources tell me vice-chairman Michele Nix was kicked out of the central committee meeting for refusing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. (There apparently was an hour long debate on THAT particular matter.)

Item 2: Republican legislators are on-the-scene, in full-force, to try and save David Lewis’s job.

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  1. Isn’t RNC rep a volunteer position, that actually costs some out-of-pocket expense to the person who holds it in order to travel and attend the RNC meetings? You’d think David Lewis would just quit and let someone else deal with the hassle, if he’s not well supported. There must be some interesting secret benefits to make it so worth fighting to keep.

    1. It was not just legislators out in force. One of the establishment’s two point men on the floor making their key motions was Raleigh lobbyist Jason Deans. I guess he earned a lot of green stamps with the Tim Moore mafia for his special interest clients by working the floor for Lewis.

      The other point person was National Committeewoman Ada Fisher. She badly needs a conservative opponent when she comes up again at this year’s convention.

      1. Oops. Even us internet inventors can screw up sometimes. Ada Fisher is a valued progressive and needs to STAY and badly needs to AVOID a conservative opponent when she comes up again at this year’s convention.

        Ever since out hard core environmenalists started playing GOP politics in NC, we have found a lot of your people that we really can do business with, whether because they really love polar bears or whether they just love a few Benjamins.

        1. She is somewhat damaged goods now, might struggle against a popular challenger, and she might be smart enough to know it. More likely, she won’t run again and is in on a deal where a particular member of the Central Committee is going to run instead

          1. She was expected to step down due to helath issues last election. The sad thing is, she was re-elected based on a strong speech about the party needing to keep its house in order, and not meddle in primaries and maintain impartiality. She has been a big disappointment.

          2. Ada Fisher blew off an executive committee direction on how to vote on a key issue before the RNC and then lied about it. She needs to go.

            Interestingly, Joyce Cotten’s district executive committee was one of those which demanded a formal investigation of Fisher’s actions, and investigation that got swept under the rug by Claude Pope.

        1. Michelle is the establishment’s big target since she is a lot more astute than Hasan. She needs to run for state chairman next time.

          1. if she has a target on her back then she should have told the whole EX Comm members this during her address to the body and failure to do this it failure in leadership if indeed this is true and she has a target on her back cause most of the room has no clue what is going one and the only way they would know is to find out from her

            but nothing must be wrong because nothing was addressed to the body

    1. So a sizable minority (37%, more than 1/3) wanted Lewis out. Now imagine the margin percentage had the legislators not been there to shore up their boy. This combined with some comments I heard from some rural county chairmen as I was leaving, suggests that a very serious rift is deepening within the Party. I’d be concerned if I were a GOP candidate for state-wide office. Luckily, I’m not.

      1. All I know is when the meeting was over I was told that I had “bat shit crazy ideas”

        and all I thought I was doing was trying to fight for transparency, accountability and for conservative values to win out in party operations also maybe I should have avoided espresso before the meeting

        after attending the meeting you can see why Trump has such a big following cause he has the support of all the good people that have given up on the party over the years out of frustration

        1. Guess you’re one of John McCain’s “whacko birds”. 😉

          But don’t feel like the lone ranger. Some of those county chieftains walked out positively enraged.

          1. I am going to get a T-shirt made with my new slogan

            “Bat Sh#t Crazy Conservative”

            maybe I can turn it into a business need to trademark that right away if it is not already taken

        2. I raise my glass high to “bat shit crazy ideas.” If there is no place for transparency, accountability, and conservatism in the Republican Party, that says a lot.

  2. The party’s general counsel, who was just elected in November resigned two days ago, citing ”health concerns”. He was a grassroots conservative. The backstory seems to be that it was threats both personal and professional that really led to his resignation. Nonetheless, this allowed the establishment to consolidate control of both the General Counsel and Assistant. The new assistant is John Lewis, who has made public disparaging remarks about Ted Cruz, and supports homosexual marriage, Common Core, and abortion – a real left wing Republican. Getting the conservative general counsel out of the way, also allowed the establishment to run their game on both David Lewis and Dallas Woodhouse.

  3. I’ve never been so embarrassed or frustrated at the incompetent management of that meeting. And I only drove 1-1/2 hours to get there. I felt sorry for the fellow behind me from western NC who drove 5 hours to put up with all that crap and foolishness. Maybe next time Hasan will hire a REAL parliamentarian who can run the meeting like a Parris Island Drill Instructor.
    Sorry, but statewide candidates will NOT win in November without the rural counties participating and VOTING.
    Just ask ol’ Thom.

  4. Solution is simple: like minded conservatives in NC should work as unaffiliated, self-educated voters. This group is already large enough to “wag the dog”.

  5. If David Lewis is able to continue in his position as Natl. Committeeman and more importantly as a State Representative, his actions can bring down the party. He reminds me of my time back home in N.J. politics and he doesn’t even wear white gloves.He puts N.J. and Louisiana politics to shame.
    He should be brought down in the primary election in March unless and hopefully there are some legitimate investigations that c an do it sooner. Why aren’t our State legislators not speakling out on removing this embarassment from our party???
    Ron Margiotta(Wake County)


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