A seismic event in NCGOP congressional primaries?



Political insiders suggest that there is a VERY good chance that Virginia Foxx could be the ONLY incumbent Republican Member of Congress from North Carolina to survive the May 8th primaries.

Renee Ellmers in the 2nd, Walter Jones in the 3rd, and Patrick McHenry in the 10th are all facing spirited primary challenges.  Sue Myrick in the 9th is retiring, so her seat will have a new occupant following the 2012 vote.  Now comes word — from even close confidants of the incumbent — that Howard Coble, the dean of the congressional delegation, is in the fight of his political life.

Coble is facing two primary challengers — Guilford County Commissioner Billy Yow and longtime Greensboro-area radio personality Bill Flynn.     According to my insider sources, Team Coble is most worried about Flynn, who is a well-respected community figure with a well-financed, well-run campaign.  The Flynn camp is championing a 20 point straw poll  win over Coble at the recent 6th district convention.    The Coble campaign dismisses the convention straw poll and points to a poll conducted by a SuperPAC showing Coble with 64% of the vote, Yow with 11% and Flynn with 5%.

Coble is running in what is basically a brand new district filled with voters who have no experience with him.  With 28 years in DC under his belt, the calls for Coble to come home have been intensifying in recent years.


6 thoughts on “A seismic event in NCGOP congressional primaries?

  1. McHenry has done NOTHING for our 10th district.. Ken Fortenberry is our best choice. Patrick sold us out a long time ago to his special interest groups.

  2. Not legitimate reporting. Bill Flynn can’t even vote for himself. He doesn’t even live in the 6th congressional district and the straw poll taken at the convention was not publicized unless you bought a sandwich and only 25 percent of the entire attendees participated. He needs to get his facts straight.

    1. Jay, you want facts:

      1. The straw poll was done by the Rockingham County Federated Republican Women’s Club on April 10, 2012.
      2. The straw poll was not made public until April 20, 2012 on a Friday evening new dump. Just in case you’re wondering, that is when the bad news, the Establishment doesn’t want you to read, is made public.
      3. If he can’t vote for himself, shouldn’t that give Coble an advantage? It would be like me spotting you a few points in a game of basketball.
      4. Arbitrary district lines and where one lives are your arguments? Really, Really? While Washington, DC mortgages the future of our children and grandchildren, spends money like there is no tomorrow, and destroys the very fabric of our Constitution, you want to talk about where someone lays their head on a pillow. Really, Really?
      5. It’s true that only 25% of the delegates attending voted. However, if you look at the primaries from 2008 and 2010, an average of 25.64% of the registered voters actually voted in those two primaries. Ironic how similar the numbers are between the two, isn’t it?
      6. The poll that the Coble camp is trying to use was taken back on March 20, 2012. I do not think the majority of the voting public was even looking at the candidates at that time. The poll was for 300 people across the old 6th district not the newly formed 6th district.

      Well, there are just a few facts for you, since you seem to be particularly interested in them. Happy reading. Oh, by the way I am IN WITH FLYNN!!! http://www.billflynnforcongress.com

  3. I’m sure Howard Coble has made a significant contribution in the past; however, 28 years is enough.

    Howard, please say good bye and come back home to NC while you’re on top.

    I’m looking forward to having Bill Flynn in DC. We desperately need someone from NC who can articulate Conservatism in Congress. We haven’t had much of that for many years.

  4. I would like to express my gratitude for the service of the Honorable Howard Coble. Thank you Congressman Coble for your unending devotion to our Party, our State, and our County. The time is now for The People to freely make their choice and their choice to date has been overwhelmingly in support of the Principled and Constitutional Conservative Bill Flynn. I am confident We The People are ready to embrace and support our next Congressman in THE NEW 6th district – Mr. Bill Flynn. God Bless our Party, God bless our State, and may God Bless the USA.

  5. Fortenberry has 0 money and has done nothing but an internet campaign. Nobody in the district knows who he is. He’ll get 20 – 25% just for filing but that’s about it. McHenry has been an excellent Congressman. He’ll win the primary with probably 70%.

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