A GOP WAVE ??????

makeamericagreatagainHere at 10 PM, it looks like a huge huge huge YUGE night for North Carolina Republicans.  It looks like they’ll be gaining seats in the legislature.  It looks like they’ll hold governor, lieutenant governor, agriculture, and labor.  It’s looking now like they’ll add insurance, attorney general, and public instruction.  It looks like they’ll win all of the big judicial races. (Bob Edmunds looks like he’ll lose his Supreme Court seat, though.)

At this rate, secretary of state Elaine Marshall will be the most senior Democrat left in state government. Who’da thunk it? 

what was the cause of this?  Trump.  Whether you like it or not — It was all about Trump.

5 thoughts on “A GOP WAVE ??????

    1. Yeah, that happened in my county, too. McCrory’s flag comments were a big mistake but I honestly thought they’d be forgotten by election time. Guess not.

  1. The lead engine of the Trump train # 1776 has gone from full throttle to idle. What a trip!!! The 1776 will have the oil changed, be fully fueled, watered, and filled to max with sand for traction. Unlike the norm, the brake pads do not need changing. Because they were never applied but once. That occurred today, Nov 9th 2016. The brakes on the train cars have done their job. They need replacing after having endured a running release at many many many stations throughout the the USA. By sun up tomorrow the 1776 will be standing ready if and when needed.
    There is a God.

    Browny Douglas
    A remnant SAR

  2. In my county and among many people I know, I can assure you the governor’s attack on the southern flag was not forgotten by election day. It hurt him badly.

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