NC-03: House Freedom Caucus steps up to defend Murphy


The House Freedom Fund, the political wing of the Mark Meadows-chaired House Freedom Caucus, has returned fire via a mass e-mail  at the group that earlier launched an attack ad against congressional candidate Greg Murphy:



(Oh, here’s the documentation about her endorsing the Democrat and opposing President Trump’s emergency declaration.)


This is some interesting timing.  Murphy and Perry will be facing off in a forum tonight at 6:30 in Winterville in Pitt County.  Greenville’s WTIB radio  is expected to livestream the event in its entirety.

1 thought on “NC-03: House Freedom Caucus steps up to defend Murphy

  1. Sounds like Dr. Perry will fit in quite well in the swamp. Here in NC07 we worked hard for years to break the Democrat stronghold in our District, while “Republicans” like Perry were working against us. I remember well the Republicans for McIntyre camp. I don’t know how anyone who supports the Republican Party platform could have supported a Democrat. I pray that the good people of NC3 do not reward this woman.

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