NC-03: Look what came in the mail! (Two days LATE, of course.)

“Free” must be a synonym for “High” in certain social circles.

Anyway, Dr. Kevin Baiko, one of the 17 candidates for the Third District, got this thought-provoking mailer promoting his candidacy out to Third District mailboxes on Thursday.  The problem?  The election was on TUESDAY.

Here’s the other side of the mailer:


How about the incorporation of the pot leaf into his last name?  That’s, um, different.

Weed was apparently not on the top of most Third District voters’ minds Tuesday.  Baiko finished second to last in the 17-member GOP field.

Baiko is a renowned marijuana legalization activist.  He and his wife run a medical clinic in Hawaii that dispenses medical marijuana to treat patient pain.  


4 thoughts on “NC-03: Look what came in the mail! (Two days LATE, of course.)

  1. Maybe his workers took a smoke break and forgot to get the mailing out on time. I do not think it mattered, as this is not an issue that would attract many GOP votes.

  2. More freedom, less government could be a winning issue for the GOP, especially if you want to compete for Millennial and Gen Z voters. From soda taxes to plastic straw bans to the Green New Deal, the new regressive left is all about interfering with personal freedom for the supposed collective good. Why not offer an alternative to that?

  3. I got two of the cards in my mailbox yesterday. And they were very high quality cards too! There are quite a few in NC-03 who smoke dope but being a conservative district we do not talk about it in public. Something like drinking whiskey and being a member of the church. North Carolina will probably not be in favor of legalized marijuana until some more Yankees move in. Then we will be an enlightened society I shouldn’t wonder.

  4. I, too, believe less government & more freedom would be a winning strategy for the party. However, Baiko put pot on the forefront rather than using it as one of his planks. It greatly undermined his credibility from day one. His homemade, poorly produced, campaign videos didn’t help either. They were quite entertaining though!

    While I’m not exactly opposed to the legality of marijuana , I feel there are many more important issues at hand. Socialism is gaining steam. We need to figure out a way to turn that ship around or risk loosing our Country all together.

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