#ncga: Tide pods? (*Yummy!*)

The N&O’s AndyPaul Speck (*Spock? Spoke? Specht?*) — heir apparent to Colon “Toilet Boy” Campbell and John “The Shih Tzu” Frank — does a bang-up job transcribing and publishing crib notes from leftist opposition research types (when he’s not trying to play catch-up with this site).

It’s pretty clear that the lefties want the scalp of one Beverly Boswell,  a rookie Republican state representative from Dare County.  Boswell speaks her mind, doesn’t care about scoring brownie points with the Raleigh crowd, and doesn’t mind taking on the left and establishment’s sacred cows.

Lefties monitor the social media accounts of various Republicans they really don’t like.  They found something they thought was “outrageous” and passed it on to their boy AndyPaul:

A North Carolina state legislator recently criticized a leader at a school that held an assembly to honor the victims of the Florida school shooting.

Rep. Beverly Boswell, a Republican from the coast, boasted on Facebook Friday that she called the leader of a charter school north of Durham about what the school did on March 14, when thousands of students left classrooms across America to protest gun violence. Seventeen students were killed in a shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14.

Boswell wrote on Facebook that she heard Roxboro Community School, a charter school about 130 miles away from her home of Dare County, “forced students to participate in the walk out.” On Facebook, she posted what she says is an account of her conversation with Dave Ebert, the school’s managing executive director.

Boswell said she asked Ebert if what she heard was true.[…]

Wow.  Seeking confirmation of a rumor / drive by media report by going directly to the subject of said rumor / drive by report.  *Scandalous!!!*

[…] “We didn’t walk out. We had an assembly in the gym. If the student didn’t want to participate, all he had to do was tell his teacher. We had special bleachers for those that didn’t want to participate,” Ebert told Boswell, according to her Facebook post. He confirmed the phone call to The News & Observer on Monday.

Screenshot from March 19, 2018.

Roxboro Community School is a middle and high school that has about 720 students, Ebert told The N&O. He said he opted to hold an assembly — in which students read the names of the Parkland victims and held a moment of silence — to avoid classroom interruptions throughout the day.

Administrators caving in to the demands of the kids in order to avoid “classroom disruptions”?  Sounds like a failure at the administrative level.  It’s ONE OF THEIR MAIN  JOBS to maintain order on campus.


[…] Boswell, upon hearing the explanation, said she then asked Ebert, “So the students that were eating tide pods last week run your school this week?”

It’s easy to imagine scolding your pets or toddlers about trying to eat Tide pods.  But teenagers?  People who are old enough to buy cigarettes, drive a car, and – in some cases – VOTE ???

Boswell makes a good point here.  Some of the dumbest things I’ve ever done happened during my teenage years.  An awful lot of you out there could likely say the same thing.  And, from all appearances and evidence, this generation of teens is keeping that tradition alive and well.

So, why are we taking public policy advice from teenagers?  Letting them call the shots?


[…] Videos circulating on social media in recent months have shown teenagers and adults biting into, or pretending to bite into, pods containing laundry detergent.

Ebert dismissed Boswell’s suggestion, and reiterated to The N&O what he told Boswell: “There was nothing political about it.” He held the assembly in part because the school “didn’t want political statements” during a walkout, if students were to have one.

The assembly was so brief, he said, that “it took us longer to get the students in-and-out of the gym.”[…]

Ah.  An admission that the WHOLE EXERCISE was a big ol’ waste of time? 


[…]“We just wanted to do something short and simple. No political statements,” Ebert said. The assembly started around 10:15 a.m. “They came in, we read the names, we had a moment of silence, and that was it.”

That didn’t dissuade Boswell from criticizing the school on Facebook.

“The students ARE in charge of this school,” she posted. “This school will not support conservative values.”[…]

You know, some of Boswell’s male colleagues could borrow some cojones from her.

5 thoughts on “#ncga: Tide pods? (*Yummy!*)

  1. This was my child.
    In my conversations with Mr Bryant the school Principal, they seem to all be oblivious to the idea… that such an assembly could have “lent itself” to the national anti liberty movement.
    I said that it would not matter if RCS had a walkout/protest/assembly to demand a knitting club…. done on the same day and time as a national anti-liberty event it will be assimilated. The frothing kids on the DC Mall were not singling out NC as a “memorial”
    When pressed if “some kids” planned a “walk out” to stand for liberty as the current kids had established precedent, he conceded they would have to honor them too.


      1. I did. One looked familiar. Isn’t that the legislator who was pushing NC drivers licenses for Illegals? I remember there was a resolution being pushed at the State convention censuring five legislators for that and I think that was one of the names. The resolution went nowhere, of course.

    1. Congrats! for joining the long line of conservatives that have entered #FacebookJail

      that platform does not understand that #FreeSpeechIsAllSpeech other platforms like YouTube and Twitter do not understand that either

      We all need the half Asian lawyer lthat Steven Crowder has cause it will take lawsuits to really fight back

      Facebook does not like it when you insult their religion of the LBGTABCDEF+2

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