#ncga: (*Sigh*) IDs for illegals, again

Let’s see if I can get this, um, “straight.”  

Legislation to ban gay marriage and take a stand against judicial tyranny gets ridiculed mercilessly by the GOP majority in the General Assembly and banned from even getting a hearing. Yet, another piece of legislation to give state IDs to illegal aliens — people we KNOW are breaking the law — gets filed and appears to be on its way to serious consideration by the Republican majority in the House: 

Five North Carolina Republican representatives want to document undocumented immigrants as a way to cut down on identity theft.

Okay, for starters:  HOW do you propose to verify the information (name, age, etc.) provided by the applicant if they are UNDOCUMENTED ???


[…] House Bill 794, filed Tuesday, would give undocumented immigrants limited IDs and would increase penalties for counterfeit documents in an effort to reduce identity theft.

The bill would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain “a limited identification card” if they are “a resident of this state and … not lawfully present in the United States.”[…]

How about complying with the law, and working with ICE, to deport them? MORE: 

[…] The bill was sponsored by Rep. Harry Warren of Rowan County, Rep. Jeff Collins of Franklin and Nash counties, Rep. Jonathan C. Jordan of Ashe and Watauga counties, Rep. Jay Adams of Catawba County and Rep. Mike Clampitt of Haywood, Jackson and Swain counties.[…] 

These folks are all suck-ups to Tim Moore, Nelson Dollar, and David Lewis.  So, this legislation WILL get treated seriously. (Jordan is apparently a former John Locke Foundation staffer whose campaign gets generously funded by Art Pope.)  MORE: 

[…] Those seeking a limited ID card would have to complete a driver’s license application and agree to a criminal history check, including being fingerprinted. Minors younger than 16 would not have to agree to a criminal history check to get an ID. The background check must show no criminal history. […] 

Again, they will be UNDOCUMENTED.  Will we be trusting law enforcement records from Guatemala and Mexico? And we can’t get these folks to follow the rules regarding immigration.  How can you expect them to follow the rules for getting one of these IDs?


[…] The IDs would resemble driver’s licenses in several ways, but would include “a clearly legible statement that the identification card is not valid as a means of demonstrating eligibility for voter registration or for public benefits, does not legitimize the holder’s presence in the United States or the State of North Carolina, and is not valid for any purpose other than demonstrating identity.”[…]

“Resemble driver’s licenses in several ways” — *What could go wrong* ???

[…] The Secretary of Transportation would set a fee for the ID card, according to the bill. Annual renewals would cost $25.

The state would keep a record of all people who receive a limited ID card. But the possession of a limited ID card alone “shall not be used as a basis for a criminal investigation, arrest, or detention in circumstances in which a person who possesses some other form of identification would not be criminally investigated, arrested, or detained.”

The bill also would add penalties for the sale of certain fraudulent forms of ID. Current law includes penalties for possession and manufacture of the documents.

The bill also would make it either a Class 1 misdemeanor or a Class G felony to possess, manufacture or sell fraudulent IDs, including: license, learner’s permit, limited ID card or special ID card provisions. Currently it is a misdemeanor.

In 2015, the House voted 70-43 to restrict forms of ID for non-citizens.

That 2015 vote MEANS nothing.  In 2016, the House voted to keep trannies out of the ladies room.  In 2017, they put them back in.  

*Sheesh.*  Talk about servicing the donors.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Thom Tillis didn’t have a hand in this.  He’s been hanging around Raleigh a lot lately. And this looks a lot like the stuff he’s trying in DC.

Imagine what could be accomplished in The General Assembly if Tami Fitzgerald had the ‘walking-around cash’ at her disposal the goons at The Chamber and Farm Bureau apparently do.

11 thoughts on “#ncga: (*Sigh*) IDs for illegals, again

  1. These La Raza “Republicans” all need primaries. There goes Harry Warren again, and some tried to tell us he was a conservative.

    What is needed is a crackdown on illegal aliens in our state and those who employ them. The Ashcroft poll told us that 76% of Republican voters and 55% of all voters believe that deportation of those in our country illegally should be a top priority of the Trump administration, a higher level of support than even the wall on our southern border.

    The conventional thing to use as an ID when one is in a foreign country is their own national passport.

  2. These folks aren’t really Republicans and haven’t been since they passed HB 373. And they’re getting worse. Just this past week they tried to extend their terms from two years to four.

  3. Great, we are to believe the sanctity and honesty of this type of official/unofficial ID, why? Just let the illegal, undocumented illegals go to one of the dozens of illegal Notaries Public licensed by the Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and then they should be able to get a Birth Certificate from Hawaii and qualify to be the Editor of the Harvard Law Review while using an alias. Just suggest that they not reside in one of our almost a dozen counties in which registered voters outnumber the census bureau count of living adults of voting age which might invite scrutiny. Does ICE have a toll-free number?

  4. No NC citizens ID until you have followed US Citizens requirements. No Tax Payers money to any Illegal Immigrates. My Tax money is not to go to illegal IMMIGRANTS
    Become US citizens or be exported back to your country of origin!!

  5. Jeff Collins has always been pro illegal immigration. This is no suprise. Last year he wanted to give them a drivers license.

    1. La Raza Republican Jeff Collins needs a primary from a conservative.

      Jeff Collins also sold out to the Gaystapo on HB2

      The issues are there to send him home. All that is needed is a primary opponent.

  6. What part of illegal do the people that have been elected understand. We need to deport people that are in our state illegally, not give them ID’s. Our children can’t get a good education because we have illegal children that can’t speak English that teachers are trying to teach.

  7. Ok, it’s time to check out who is giving these “representatives” money. They most certainly do not represent American citizens and those immigrants who followed the law and became citizens the right way. Vote these closet liberals out, probably need someone from a unbiased third party. Republicans in Congress, rein the traitors in or you’ll lose the next elections. Lawful citizens have had enough of anti-American hate speech that Congress has allowed to grow along with other illegal actions that result in no consequences. Want to “reward” illegal behavior and promise not to use the information against them, just who is lining the elected officials pocket? Said proposed bill seems to reward illegal behavior. That’s not good for lawful American citizens or Lawful immigrants. [Yes, I am repeating myself, because, these representatives appear too dense to have learned something from the last elections.]

  8. Tillis is beating the drums both for amnesty for illegal aliens and for more H1B visas so foreigners can take higher skilled American jobs. Disney, for example brought over a bunch of Indian IT people on H1B visas, had their American IT people train them, and then fired their American IT people; They are not the only big company that has done that.

    It is refreshing to see that the Prime Minister of Australia has just announced they are scrapping their visa program for highly skilled foreign workers, saying they were ”putting Australians first”. Gee, that sounds like a certain Republican president, doesn’t it?


    Australia also gives Christians from the Middle East a heavy priority in accepting refugees and the great majority of Syrians and Iraqi refugees allowed in to Australia have been Christian, not Muslim. Prime Minister Turnbull’s predecessor made Australia’s border almost impossible for the people smugglers to penetrate, so the flow of illegal alien boat people, which had been a huge problem, essentially stopped.

    Tillis, as usual, is completely out to lunch on the immigration issue. We need to encourage Tillis to retire in 2020.

    Tillis for Retirement. Mark Meadows for Senate.

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