Fresh off her tranny adventure, Charlotte’s clown-mayor picks a fight with The Donald

She showed her ignorance of the North Carolina constitution with that ridiculous ban on gender segregation in locker rooms and rest rooms. Let the he-shes into your ladies rooms and locker rooms, or get fined into bankruptcy.   Now, Charlotte mayor Jennifer Roberts is taking her foolishness onto the national stage:

So, the city is going to ignore a presidential executive order? Roberts is practicing the tried-and-true trick we warned you about of disguising a shocking lack of facts behind a whole lot of screeching and demagoguery.    Of course, The Observer and the rest of the driveby sycophants will be standing by slavishly to take down every single over-the-top. dishonest word.  

Once again, this is a temporary pause targeting people from seven countries that are currently torn up by internal strife and civil war.  Those countries have no formal immigration or law enforcement structures in place so as to allow for background checks on travelers to and from those countries.

The people of Charlotte have some real pieces of work running their city.  Far-left kookery tops the agenda.  Ensuing chaos — and legal fees — be damned!

4 thoughts on “Fresh off her tranny adventure, Charlotte’s clown-mayor picks a fight with The Donald

  1. It will be interesting to see if this moron is able to get re-elected. I would assume the average person of Charlotte, who may be a demorat but not a rabid progressive, would have a hard time voting for such a whacko. This mayor dude (or is it a she) seems bound and determined to make the city live up to the nickname of “The Queen City”, that is for sure. I think Roberts is so concerned with the issue because he/she has “gender issues” himself/herself.

      1. Soo glad I moved from that hell hole 18 years ago. It has really become a cesspool of the dregs of society.

        It will be fun to watch the two micro groups warring….which candidate will be stuck the most as racist/homophobic/misogynist/bigoted will be interesting.

  2. Charlotte’s business, church and civic leaders need to devise a plan to remove this nut from office before she completely destroys the city’s already badly damaged reputation. And they need to move quickly; the woman is unhinged.

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