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Moore County 2017: Comin’ out of the woodwork!

It’s always nice to see folks interested in public service.  Filing closed today on 2017’s local races, and it appears Moore County’s voters are going to have loads of candidates to sort through.  Aberdeen has two folks fighting it out for mayor, while a foursome…

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#ncga: Moore County losing Jerry Tillman?

Randolph County’s Jerry Tillman (R) has been representing Moore County in the North Carolina Senate since the retirement and passing of Moore County native Harris Blake. Multiple sources tell us that it is now appearing — thanks to the court-ordered redistricting for legislative districts —…

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As tax hike war-drums beat in Moore County, important questions go un-asked, unanswered

Two years ago, there was some serious drama and boo-hooing over the Moore County School Board’s attempt to fire superintendent Bob Grimesey. (Grimesey managed to show us a few on-camera tears, too.) Since being re-instated, Grimesey has presided over — with a supportive Greek chorus…

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Moore County: Saul Alinsky. Screaming Mommies. School funding. (And Quis is RIGHT.)

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would be proud of the tactics being utilized by Moore County superintendent Bob Grimesey and his subsidized six-figure salaried bureaucratic army during this year’s budget talks with the Moore County commissioners.  Teachers and students are being hauled out to civic…

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Drowning in his OWN B.S. (The Ed Dennison story)

Thats what happened — according to one of my moles – to Moore County school board chairman Ed Dennison at Saturday’s northern Moore GOP precinct meetings. If you haven’t followed things closely here, let me recap.  Our school board is the furthest thing from watchdogs….

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Moore County’s The Pilot oughta know TRASH

Down here in Moore County, our main choice for local news is a twice-weekly ad rag published by the former owners of that leftist slime machine The News & Observer.  They sold that atrocity for an outrageously exorbitant sum of money, and then moved down…

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Moore County school officials address religious liberty concerns

We posted earlier about a group of pastors concerned about communications they were receiving from school system officials about their involvement at North Moore High School. Dr. Neal Jackson, the leader of the pastoral group, told us he had a meeting Thursday with some school…

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#ncga: Sour grapes? (Yum.)

Close elections can be quite the learning experience.  Incumbents who narrowly escape the wrath of the voters can do one of two things: (1) grovel and beg to get back in their good graces, or (2) smugly press on with nose held high and a…

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Moore County public education: Dissing Christians while promoting the gay agenda

 Sandhills Community College’s John Dempsey is not interested in adhering to state laws requiring separate restrooms for MEN and WOMEN.  Faculty and administrators at Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines were cooing over a student protest against HB2. Now, let’s compare and contrast that with…

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Regarding Neil Godfrey ..

While vultures circle overhead, and the hyenas salivate over Moore County sheriff Neil Godfrey’s political corpse, we’d like to throw some important information into the mix.  Make no bones about it — we’re fans of Neil Godfrey around here. I have had TWO encounters with…