Four more years: Levy & co. stab their voters in the back yet AGAIN

Things looked good at the Moore County Board of Education in November 2022.  It appeared that we had thrown out a leftist majority that rubber-stamped the will of the central office bureaucrats and had replaced them with a 6-1 majority of conservatives actually interested in pressing and pursuing the will of the people.

Here we are – two years later – with a board, “led” by Bob Levy, more compliant and submissive to the will of central office bureaucrats than the one thrown out in 2022.  What happened to holding government accountable to the will of the people paying the taxes?  (Search me.)

The spending is still runaway and out of control. ANYTHING the bureaucrats “suggest” gets passed with little to no debate.  The undisputed smartest person in the room during school board meetings – David Hensley – has been stripped of committee memberships and his vice-chairmanship and sat in the corner.  The crew that won in 2020 and 2022 – promising to restore transparency and accountability to the county school system – is openly thumbing its collective noses at the voters and taxpayers of Moore County.

The fears of the statists running the public schools have been abated. All that election-time talk about giving power back to the people has evaporated into the same subservience and submissiveness we saw during the Grimesey and prior eras at the central office in Carthage.

Speaking of the Grimesey era — the county’s current superintendent, Dr. Tim Locklair, was well-known as a close ally of Bob Grimesey when he was superintendent.  The supposed conservative school board majority got started off on the wrong foot by hiring Locklair to replace the retiring Grimesey. There did not appear to be any kind of serious statewide or nationwide search.  The new superintendent would be a guy who aided and abetted the policies that got voted down and out of office in 2020 and 2022.

On Monday, the school board wound things down for the summer ahead of the election.  Chairman Bob Levy and his allies rammed through a four-year contract extension — another 6 to 1 vote, of course — for Locklair.

A four year extension is A LOT.  That’s the kind of contract extension ball teams offer winning coaches and star players.  (*I have yet to see Locklair’s star. Are other counties trying to poach him from us?*)

The contract extension is good until June 30, 2028.  It also includes an additional 56 hours of comp time for the superintendent.

Here’s what Levy had to say (around the video’s 3 hr., 35 minute mark) about the contract extension:

[…] “Congratulations once again, Dr. Locklair. I want to say that this board gives you our confidence in extending your contract. We want to tell the entire county of Moore, and we want to tell everyone, that we truly approve of the work you’re doing but we’re very very proud of your development of the Moore County way. […] We’re looking forward to many more years. At least four.” […]

Interestingly (and I guess ironically), Levy preceded those comments with a rambling monologue about the beauty of our Founding Fathers taking power away from government and giving it to the people.  (*That is a beautiful thing.  It’s what many of us thought we were getting in the wake of the 2020 and 2022 school board elections.*)

Some people may try to still reward some of these Board of Education bad actors at the ballot box in November — simply because they have (R) next to their name. (You could very likely vote out every incumbent and see little to no change from what you have NOW. )