Another $*@%&!* school board meeting

It’s always heart-warming to see hardcore Haymaker fans go viral — worldwide, even. The latest occurrence of this phenomenon occurred at Monday’s Moore County Board of Education combined work session / regular business meeting.

Jim Pedersen, a friend of this site, got his three minutes of fame during the public comments period at Monday’s meeting.  Pedersen treated the board and the assembled edu-crats and taxpayers to a public reading of a book called “Life Is Funny” — which he said is currently available for student checkout at the Pinecrest High School library.

(If you weren’t aware, Moore County has been hit with a federal complaint against the board’s decision to ban graphic gay propaganda from local school libraries. )

Pedersen’s performance during the comment period made it to YouTube and even caught the eye of the renowned LibsofTikTok Twitter feed.

(The YouTube link is HERE.  Pedersen starts at about the 3hr, 20 minute mark. Caution: The audio of Pedersen’s reading includes all of George Carlin’s notorious Seven Dirty Words. There are also quite a few graphic descriptions of sexual activity and incestuous behavior.  So, it’s not suitable for work.  If you’re going to watch, be sure to do it in a private place outside the earshot of minors.)

Before getting started with his reading, Pedersen noted that the book survived an earlier central office staff review where it was described as having “some vulgarity but also some really good life lessons.”

Judging from board chairman Bob Levy‘s comments at the end of the public comment period, Pedersen’s reading must have upset people in the room off-camera.

Here’s the chairman:

[…]”While certain things are uncomfortable, this is free speech.  This is the First Amendment and it’s better to not cut someone off and let them keep going.  We’re done.  That’s my feeling on that. Let’s go on to board action. I’m sorry if that made people feel uncomfortable. It certainly made me uncomfortable.” […]

Board member David Hensley followed Levy’s remarks with a point-of-order:

[…] “I think the speaker’s point was that it’s uncomfortable.  Our take-away from that should be, if it’s not appropriate to be read aloud at a school board meeting it’s not appropriate to be in our school libraries.” […]